Read The Heartbreaking Goodbye Letter From One Of Philandro Castile’s Students (IMAGE)

Philandro Castile was killed by a police officer in Minnesota, and he was the second black man to lose his life to lawless cops in as many days earlier this week. After his death, it was revealed that he was a beloved supervisor in the cafeteria of a local school. He knew the names of all 500 of the children he served, and they loved and respected him. He even knew their food allergies by heart. Well, one child wanted to show how much Mr. Castile will be missed, so he drew a picture and wrote a letter that will absolutely break your heart.

Joan Edman, who also worked at Castile’s school,  J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School, said of the slain man:

He remembered their names. He remembered who couldn’t have milk. He knew what they could have to eat and what they couldn’t. This was a real guy. He made a real contribution. Yes, black lives matter. But this man mattered.

One parent of a child at J.J. Hill wrote of Castile:

My son and his friend JJ Hill students hand in hand marched together for peace and to remember Philando. He was a great man, he knew each children by name. my youngest son who is on the back , phill knew he loved those fish gram crackers and he always gave him one. He will be greatly missed!!!

Another parent lamented the idea that small children even have to understand what it means to lose people so routinely to gun violence, especially at the hands of the police:

This is going to affect every child that knew him in school! Chirldren should not have to write a goodbye note to someone they know who was shot and killed! So heartbreaking!

And of course, most heartbreaking of all is the note left by one of Castile’s students, who wanted to give him a gift prior to his death. However, this child decided to give the gift anyway. The note, clearly written by a small child, reads:

This year I was going to give you a gift but then you dided but I’m giving you a gift anyway. You had the biggest heart ever. I rilly miss you. I rilly rilly miss you. Your the best lunch mom we could ever have. I wish you were alive. You have rainbows in your heart.

Here is the image of the note, as posted to by local station KARE11:

castile child note

This is what #BlackLivesMatter is all about. So many idiots say that it is about inciting violence, racial hatred, or hatred of the police. No, it is about stopping good people such as Philando Castile from being taken from their families and communities because of racial profiling from trigger-happy cops. Nobody should wind up dead as a result of a routine traffic stop, and yet it happens all too frequently.

Featured image via Boing Boing

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