Read The 25 Most Vile Tweets From Racist Conservatives Following Ferguson Verdict (SCREENSHOTS)

After the grand jury verdict was delivered on Monday night, the Twitter feed went crazy. Looking under the hashtags “Ferguson” and “tcot” (top conservatives on Twitter) brought up Tweets from supporters of the Browns and protestors, reporters on the scene and, of course, the hate-filled and ugly (all of the latter, tagged “tcot”).

A selection of the latter Tweets follow. They range from sarcastic to nasty to flat-out horrible.

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But, whatever you do, don’t call them “racist” because then you would be playing the race card.

Teabagger “logic”…it’s not like our rational Earth logic.

Here’s a small group of awfulness. Two racist Tweets are bookended by two aimed at the left:


This one relies on the word “thug,” the new ni**er:


This guy seems to think that it’s all the Rev. Al Sharpton’s fault. Because no well-known black man should ever lend his gravitas to protestors:


This fellow appears to support capital punishment for alleged thieves. Probably only if they are black, though:


If it’s not Sharpton’s fault, it must be Obama’s, right? This future presidential nominee of the Jeffersonian party seems to think so. Note how he seems to be more worried about property than people:


Ooooo… a former CIA agent. “Insurgencies: foreign and domestic,” his Twitter page says. Not sure if that means he starts them or fights them. But this Tweet indicates that he probably only supports ones that side with his ideology:


This person has a message for Democratic law enforcement officers. Because if you don’t vote like her, you don’t know what you’re doing, you idiot:


Oh look, someone is using John Galt as a Twitter handle. Charming. How…. thirteen-year-old of them. Their comment only reinforces this, with ugly racist rhetoric. Think they got all the right words in?:


Of course, no spate of insults would be complete with a reference to Obama’s golfing. Because no white president ever golfed:


This one is back with another “clever” graphic. There’s an extra added Tweet underneath, getting in yet another dig at the President. They are kind of like two wretched creatures clinging to one another in their repulsiveness:


Then there are the comments about looters. None of whom can be proved to be actual residents of Ferguson. My money is on the same anarchistic troublemakers who follow events like this around. Virginia News Live claims to have “Virginia Specific News” with no mention of ideology. But it’s easy enough to see that it’s right-wing Virginia specific news:


This “Mystery Man” uses an interesting insult. Never seen that one used racially before:


The obligatory calling of the protestors “animals.” Since he was Tweeting at the St. Louis County PD, it probably didn’t bother anyone:


This guy just gets right to the point in a Tweet to Missouri Governor Nixon (yep, Big Mike sure is guilty):


This is a curious bit of projection coming from a conservative:


But if a house in Ferguson catches fire it’s probably one of the protestor’s anyway, right?:


More racism and looters idiocy:


The very obnoxious Todd Kincannon gets a smack-down from a cleverly-named fellow. Seriously, the kind of crap that Kincannon spouts is what drives the right-wingers:


This guy has a bright idea. Oh yeah, he’s a real problem solver:


And finally, one more dig at the old “blacks are takers” talking point:


This is to be expected, I suppose. Even though, according to the conservatives on the Supreme Court, racism is dead. One look at Twitter or on the Facebook posts of any news site might disabuse them of this thought if they were open to learning something about race.

However, like most right-wing ideologues, they have no idea what racism really is. If I could wave my magic wand, I’d make them all black for a while. Maybe if they experienced it for themselves they might catch a clue. Maybe the people who sent out the above Tweets should have to deal with being pulled over for no reason, being stopped and frisked for walking through the wrong neighborhood or being given the hairy eyeball if they enter the wrong business, it being assumed that they must be there to steal.

But, then again, maybe not. People like this have no capacity for empathy and understanding outside of their own race and ideology. It’s a pity.

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