People Are Literally Celebrating The 2nd Anniversary Of Michael Brown’s Death (TWEETS)

One of the most disturbing aspects of American white supremacy is just how much pleasure white people get from the death of black people at the hands of their fellow whites. And it really is pleasure to them. So much so that they go wild when the killer is not held accountable. That’s why they consider George Zimmerman a hero even though the only white thing about him is his name. They applauded when none of the cops that murdered Freddie Gray were convicted. They just LOVE celebrating the death of black people in a way that would make any sane person nauseous.

So, unsurprisingly, on the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson, Missouri, the trolls took to Twitter to crow about it under the hashtag #MikeBrown:

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That last tweet should give you a hint why America’s white supremacists are particularly cruel concerning Michael Brown. It was his death that sparked the dreaded (by white people) Black Lives Matter movement. #BLM is possibly the most dangerous organization in the world as far as racist white people are concerned. Not because they’re “terrorists” like Fox News has been trying to claim, but because it’s a simple concept that is resonating throughout America. It’s the biggest threat to institutional racism since Martin Luther King and it’s driving them absolutely insane with rage.

After all, if America admits it has a race problem, it might start taking concrete steps to deal with it and the one thing white supremacists fear most is losing their unearned supremacy.

Fortunately, all this hate didn’t go unnoticed:

The bottom line is that Michael Brown is hardly the perfect martyr for the cause. He did actually rob a store, punch a cop in the face and run away. But here’s the thing that the haters spewing their anger all over twitter refuse to acknowledge, and it’s pretty damn important: None of that is punishable by death in America. Neither is playing with a toy gun in a park. Or holding a pellet gun in Walmart. Or being pulled over for a busted tail light. Or legally carrying a concealed firearm. Or any other of the thousands of reasons cops have used as a pretense to murder black men and escape any and all punishment.

Michael Brown was killed in a situation that would have left a white person in handcuffs in a squad car instead of on the ground for 4 hours, riddled with bullets. He died because the color of his skin made Officer Darren Wilson irrationally afraid for his life. And Wilson faced no consequences for his actions because in America, black lives do NOT matter on an institutional level. It’s that simple.

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