Racist Tucker Carlson Calls For ‘White Guy Appreciation Day’ On Fox News (Video)

Is conservative commentator Tucker Carlson a racist? Maybe, and maybe not, but he sure does a good job of playing one. When you take a look at the things that Carlson has said, along with the things that get published on his website, The Daily Caller, you can’t escape the thought that the man has a problem with race.

On the November 2 edition of Fox and Friends Weekend Carlson “jokingly” called for an “older white guy appreciation day.” During a discussion of the absolutely correct notion that the Republican party is seen as the party of older white males, co-host Clayton Morris says,

They [the GOP] have had the stigma over the years of being the older white party, and they’re not reaching out to the younger folks.

Former Bush mouthpiece Dana Perino agrees with Morris that the general public has that image of Republicans.

…It’s been beaten into our heads. The Republicans — you’re too old, you’re too white, you’re too male. And that’s true demographically as you look across the board that Republicans have a lot of work to do.

Perino goes on to describe some of the gains she believes Republicans have made in reaching out to women and younger voters. When she finishes by observing that a lot of young people have given up a lot of their time to get older white guys elected, Carlson, who has been sitting silently, chimes in.

I think we need an older white guy appreciation day. I think they’ve done a lot for this country…Penicillin. That’s a contribution!

Perino agrees.

Think of the Hallmark cards we could write!

Carlson seems to like the idea even more as the conversation continues.

I wanna do that. Draft me, I’ll host it.

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