Racist Radio Host To Caller: Black People Need White People To Blame Their Problems On (AUDIO)

You can be forgiven if you have never heard of right-wing radio host Michael Berry. He’s one of what seems like hundreds who crawl out from under some slime covered rock for a few hours a day and try to draw attention to themselves by being more outrageous than Rush Limbaugh. But unlike some of the others, Berry doesn’t even try to hide his racism.

On October 1, Berry invited his audience to call in and give examples of stereotypical things that white people like. When a black caller named Felton said that white people like to talk about black people, the host went into a rant that was both racist, and in some regards, unfortunately truthful.

Berry tells Felton that “most” white people would like to be as far away from black people as possible, and that the only time white people even think about black people is when they are around them. It’s certainly true that some, perhaps even a substantial minority of whites, would like to avoid black people, it’s a real stretch to say that most white people feel that way.

Sadly, the second part of Berry’s assertion is probably true in many cases. Because of white privilege, many white people don’t think about black people, or about race, unless something reminds them of it. Black people, on the other hand, are frequently reminded that in the eyes of some, their skin color makes them a second class citizen.

Berry tells Felton this:

I’m telling you that if white people are not around black people, they literally never talk about them. I’ve spent time with both groups and I’ll tell you that black people are obsessed with white people and white people simply want to get away…

The only time white people talk about black people is because black people cannot let them go. They can’t. Black people don’t know how to exist without white people around to blame their problems on.

This came from the same show that Berry opened by talking about “White History Month,” which he says white people are excited about. But, he says, they won’t admit that they’re excited about it because they don’t want to appear “narcissistic.” The whole monologue is a jab at Black History Month. Berry and others like him don’t approve of highlighting black and other minorities’ contributions to America, but they also don’t want to acknowledge one simple thing: we don’t need a “White History Month.” White Americans have had white history years, decades, even centuries, where their achievements (and even atrocities) have been lauded, and the achievements of minorities have been ignored.

Here’s Michael Berry, via Media Matters:

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