Racist FBers: ‘Black Privilege’ Is The Real Problem, Just Look At Oprah’s House! (IMAGES)

With a profile picture showing Oprah’s Mansion and a cover photo of the big White House President Obama lives in, what is quite possibly the most racist Facebook page of all time is calling for outrage over “black privilege.”

“Black” and “privilege” don’t typically fit together in a sentence, especially when you consider that these idiots are trying to make a case that “white privilege” doesn’t exist because Oprah Winfrey worked her way out of extreme poverty, came from nothing and built an empire for herself. But…She has a mansion, so…”black privilege.”

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oprah house

The stupid is strong here. Very strong, indeed.

The page itself is named “Black Privilege,” and it has been the target of many a liberal troll, as well as the occasional passerby who understands just how stupid EVERYTHING posted there can be.

How stupid? This stupid:

oprah 1


Don’t you mean “worked her way out of a Chicago ghetto and earned a talk show that eventually got so huge her sponsors offered to give her fans free stuff?”

To further prove “black privilege,” these imbeciles have also posted pictures of other successful black peoples’ homes, completely forgetting that most of them came from extreme poverty. How dare people poke a stick at privileged white people? Have you seen the mansions that Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, or Eddie Murphy own?

While making fun of them for bashing Oprah Winfrey’s success is a hoot, most of what they post is so disgusting it deserves some good old-fashioned shaming.




Fortunately for society, this ridiculous page has but a little under 400 fans.  Unfortunately for society, this ridiculous page has nearly 400 fans.

The page seems to be a part of a group of ignorant asshats that have banded together to post how great it is to be white. Of course that doesn’t make them racist, just proud. If they were racist they would have things like the NAAWP and a cable station called WET.

A day will come when people understand that minorities create venues and platforms that appeal to their social groups because they don’t have the “privilege” of everything else being centered around them.

Oh, and FYI, you ignorant racist boobs, BET has some of the best content on television.

All images are public posts on the Facebook page Black Privilege

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