Racist Conservatives Call for Treason Over Fried Food

Racist Conservatives call for Michelle Obama’s death

It seems conservatives will believe anything that supports their racists beliefs. Conservative blogs exploded this week with headlines such as “Michelle Takes Away Food from U.S. Navy” and resulting Facebook comments such as:


Removed from earth? Meaning?

ConservativePost FB Comments

Oh, that clears is up. These conservatives ARE calling for treason. 

How it all Started – Navy menu changes to remove fried foods

At this point you may be asking why Michelle Obama has anything to do with Navy food and nutrition. The short answer is – she doesn’t. This all started earlier this week, when the NavyTimes announced probable upcoming menu changes, including the loss of fried foods (like breaded chicken and fries) in favor of baked foods and more prominently displayed fruits and vegetables.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced a host of sweeping changes in May that will affect everything from promotions and training to uniforms and fitness. As part of that, he has set his sights on a well-balanced diet, which he calls “the foundation of a healthy lifestyle” that will provide capable warfighters and lower medical costs.

Mabus touted the SEALs’ “Fuel to Fight” program as an example. It increases the availability of lean-proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates to fuel, rather than feed, the warfighter.

An attempt to focus more on food content than food cost, as award-winning base’s food officer Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jeffrey Walker puts it, seems perfectly rational.

How this led to openly calling for treason

How did this lead to the previously mentioned treasonous Facebook comments? Follow me down the rabbit hole of racist insanity.  Some current and former sailors took to the NavyTimes Facebook page saying it sounded like something that would be done by Michelle Obama. One conservative blog picked up on that, slapped on the sensationalist headline that Michelle was taking food away from sailors, with only one small disclaimer at the end of the article:

While Michelle may not have been directly involved in the decision, it’s clear that her over-zealous desire to force the entire country to be nutritious has created a culture among the federal bureaucracy that seeks to do just that — even at the expense of our troops.

Soon, other conservative blogs followed suit, neglecting to include any kind of disclaimer. The idea that Michelle Obama took away food from the Navy became so prominent, that Snopes.com and other fact checking sites addressed the issue. It seems facts are meaningless to bigots though, as they continue to call this an Obama conspiracy, and take glee in verbally assaulting the First Family.

Featured Image Via Michelle Obama’s Facebook page

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