Racist Bigot Donald Trump Greeted With ‘Trumpiñatas’ At Protests On Friday

Protesters looking to take a swing at Donald Trump met him Friday in L.A., where he was scheduled to speak in front of a group of Hollywood Conservatives.

The immigration group, Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), planned to protest the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, and to help, they brought along trash-filled piñata facsimiles of Trump himself.

“An Unpleasant Welcome”

Trump began his campaign by suggesting that undocumented Mexican immigrants are all “rapists” and thieves. While Trump may have shot himself in the foot as far as the establishment — and many corporate sponsors — are concerned, the Republican base is rallying around him. He currently leads the Republican pack in most polls.

Of course, the Republican base is not the United States of America. Trump’s remarks have made him profoundly unpopular with the majority of right-headed Americans, including those who believe in sensible immigration and aren’t prone to quoting White Supremacist tripe.

Diana Colin, the program director for CHIRLA’s action fund, said in a written statement they were going to make Trump’s welcome to Los Angeles an “unpleasant one.”

We plan to give Donald Trump a welcome here in LA. An unpleasant welcome.

We have piñatas that represent him. We plan to fill them up with trash, right, because that’s all that seems to come out of his mouth lately is trash.

In the statement, she added:

There is no way a candidate for the highest elected office in the land can utter the type of hateful language that Trump is known for and expect to win the Latino/immigrant vote. And everyone knows the road to the White House is paved with Latino/immigrant votes. Mr. Trump should do the math.

Not that it’d matter at this point. He’s already got his eyes set on the Fox Geriatrics who wave their Confederate flags because, like unruly teenagers, they take pride in being shocking and offensive.

“Dump Trump”

Trump was scheduled to appear before a gathering of Hollywood conservatives called “The Friends of Abe” on Friday. While he was in South California, a group of nine state lawmakers in Sacramento rallied around a resolution called “Dump Trump.” The resolution called on California to divest from Donald Trump and his business empire.

“The state of California will not stand for this type of racist rhetoric and racist behavior. Today we stand and call upon the state of California to dump Trump,” said State Sen. Isadore Hall III (D-Compton).

Trump, though, was unfazed. In an interview earlier this week, Trump was asked about the business backlash and whether it concerned him:

This is too important. Yeah, I’m losing some contracts. Who cares? People, politically, they’re weak and they want to be politically correct.

According to the executive director of the Friends of Abe, Jeremy Boreing, Trump was invited because he was an “iconoclast.” Boreing added:

Someone in our group approached me a few months ago with the opportunity to host Mr. Trump, and I gladly accepted. Trump is an iconoclast, and I wanted my people to have the opportunity to hear directly from him so that they can reach their own conclusions about him. That’s our mandate.

You’d think they would’ve learned from what happened last time they went out and found an “iconoclastic” maverick.


Still, Trump’s helping some people. Luis Marin, of Amazing Piñatas, told the L.A. Weekly that he was having an amazing year so far, and that his store couldn’t seem to keep the Trump-shaped piñatas — Trumpiñatas — in stock. They’re so popular that people are driving in from out of state to get them:

Every time we bring one out, it doesn’t last more than half an hour in the store. We have a lot of orders. People come buy them and say they can’t find them anywhere else.

They’re vanishing almost as fast as Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president.

Watch the report below:

Featured image via LAist

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