Racist Bar Owner Kicks Out Two Women For Being Black — OOPS! Turns Out They Are ACLU Lawyers

Being a racist is a poor life choice, and it leads to stupid decisions like this: a Fresno, California bar is currently under fire for throwing out two African-American women who were trying to have a night out singing karaoke. Two women who, it turned out, were attorneys for the ACLU.


Buy Drinks

According to the two attorneys — Abre’ Conner and Novella Coleman — they were at a bar called Brig, and were hoping for a night of karaoke.

It was short lived, though. According to their post on the ACLU website:

But before our song was called, a bar employee came up and said we had to buy drinks to sing karaoke. Another bartender lunged at us within inches of our faces and shouted “Buy drinks!”

Our group of three had already bought two drinks. But it quickly became clear to us that we were unwelcome in the bar.

A second bartender — a very tall and large man — shouted louder and louder that we were loitering and that the bar wasn’t a hangout place. Over and over again he pushed his body up against Abre’ — who is just 5’4” tall — to force her out of the bar.

After Abre’ repeatedly resisted, saying, “Don’t touch me,” he shouted that he was calling the police and stormed off.

An off-duty server came over to try to smooth things over. We explained that we’d been removed from the karaoke list before we were even told what the rule was. We explained that several other people in the bar didn’t have drinks in their hand. She said the rule was just about business but showed no interest in enforcing it against anyone else. Instead she tried to convince us to leave. We pointed out that the bar staff was only using the rule against us and we seemed to be the only two Black people in the bar.

This prompted the server to shout, “It’s not fair for you to bring up race!”

See, they can be racist all day long. But the minute you bring it up, that makes you the racist. That’s Doublethink Big Brother would be proud of.

The police were called and the women were eventually forced to leave, and the while time the bartender and the police kept claiming that they were “exercising the business’ supposed ‘right’ to refuse service.”

A right, mind you, that you don’t have. I’m sure that Scalia would happily have awarded it to them if they pursued this to the SCOTUS , but he’s . . . shall we say, “indisposed.”

They continued:

This sounds too much like when the country still had ‘colored’ sections and racially segregated water fountains. But this happened in March 2016.

It doesn’t surprise me. I mean, Trump is making racism acceptable again, and if Trump get his way, they’re going to party like the Germans in 1939.

And here’s the frustrating thing: If the bar owners end up losing the bar, they’re going to blame those “uppity black women” for it, and not themselves. Taking responsibility and having the stones to admit they were racist assholes is too tough for the men like this. Of course, when their greatest accomplishment is wining a lifetime achievement award for glowing in the dark — a lifetime achievement award they gave to themselves, since nobody else cares — one can’t expect much.

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