Protesters Begin 120 Mile ‘Journey For Justice’ From Ferguson (VIDEO)

A group of protesters set off from Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday, on their way to the state capital in Jefferson City. NAACP organizers are calling the march the “Journey For Justice.”

KSDK reports that the group of about 250 left the Canfield Green apartments in Ferguson for the start of a week long journey to Jefferson City, some 120 miles away. NAACP president and CEO Cornell William Brooks told reporters,

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This is a non-violent march. This is a peaceful march and we’re seeking systemic, fundamental reform of policing in this country.

The group is calling for a new police chief in Ferguson, as well as reforms in police departments in Missouri, and across the country. Marchers say that the protest isn’t about black or white issues, but is about equality for all. Participant Josephine Wheat said,

We need equal justice for everyone. Whether you’re white, red, black or green it doesn’t matter. Equal justice all the way across the line.

Protesters will walk each day from early in the morning to sunset, until they reach the state capital. In the evenings, there will be rallies and “teach-ins” which will be open to the public. Organizers say that anyone is welcome to join in the march, and come and go as they please. Reuters says that leaders of the protest expect as many as 1,000 participants when the group arrives at its destination.

Here’s a report from KSDK:


Image courtesy: Camille Phillips/St. Louis Public Radio

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