Piers Morgan: Right-Wing Racists Are ‘Enraged’ By ‘Notion of a Black Man Living at the White House’

In a Friday column for the Daily Mail, Piers Morgan discussed the role race plays in America today with regard to various injustices. Morgan says that America has become more racist since President Obama was elected, but reminds everyone that race is not the root of every single injustice.

Morgan cited specifically the case of an African-American handyman being stopped on suspicion of a robbery that never actually occurred at a house more than a mile away in a different neighborhood, solely because he was carrying some bags. “These weren’t racist cops, they were just bad, lazy cops,” Morgan wrote.

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However, Morgan points out, race does play a role in numerous injustices.

Three happened within a few miles of each other in the last month alone:

Unarmed black teenager Michael Brown shot dead by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri.

Young black shoplifter Kajieme Powell shot dead by two white cops in St Louis, Missouri after stealing two energy drinks from a store and urging them to ‘Shoot me! Shoot me!’

This week, black teen Vonderrit D. Myers, 18, shot dead by a white cop in St Louis. Police chiefs claim he had a gun, his family insist he was only brandishing a sandwich. Shades of George Zimmerman gunning down 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was armed only with a bag of skittles.

In another dreadful episode recently, a white cop in South Carolina shot an unarmed black man called Levar Jones at a gas station just outside Columbia.

The video is absolutely shocking. The cop challenges Mr Jones for a highly spurious alleged ‘seat belt violation’ and then demands he show him his driver license. As Mr Jones slowly turns back to his truck to get the papers, the cop becomes hysterical, repeatedly screams ‘GET OUT OF THE CAR!’ and then opens fire.

‘What did I do, sir? Why did you shoot me?’ cries Mr Jones as he lies on the ground, wounded. (He survived, thankfully).

To which the obvious conclusion, I’m afraid, is that you were shot because you were black and therefore inherently suspicious, Mr Jones.

Morgan pointed out a shocking statistic revealed by a recent Washington Post poll: Only 16 percent of white people believe there is a “lot” of discrimination today — a stark contrast to 56 percent of black people who believe, correctly, that racism is an issue.

“Incredibly, white perceptions of anti-black bias have plummeted to the point where many think anti-white bias is a bigger problem,” Morgan remarked. “A plainly ludicrous sentiment. Blacks in America remain the most impoverished, poorly-educated, imprisoned and discriminated-against section of society. To pretend otherwise is to be seriously deluded.”

“My belief is that America remains a racial tinderbox. Many people assumed Barack Obama’s ascent to the highest office in the land meant the end of racism in the United States,” Morgan wrote — and indeed, the Republican Party believes exactly that, having declared racism “over” last December. Even the Supreme Court feels racism is so miniscule an issue that it is safe to gut legislation that prevented discriminatory voting practices.

“‘How could we elect a black president if we’re still racist?’ was the logic,” he continued. “But if anything, I’d argue that America is now more racist than it was before Obama was elected.”

Morgan finished strong, with an accurate characterization of the source of right-wing angst directed toward the President: “Or at the very least, the angry racist minority (but still many millions of people) is more vocal – enraged by the whole notion of a black man living at the White House.”

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