On Race And Rachel Dolezal: Why Her ‘Black Experience’ Is An Insult To ACTUAL Black People (Op-Ed)

News outlets and social media have been alight with the fact that the now-former President of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is actually a white woman who has been passing as black. Now, there is a whole hell of a lot to unpack here, not the least of which is why this woman, Rachel Dolezal, chose to pull off such an elaborate hoax in the first place. Well, no one besides Ms. Dolezal knows the actual answer to that, and she certainly isn’t talking about anything that could possibly be perceived as a valid reason for doing what she did.

Firstly, racial “passing” has a long history in America. Traditionally, it was white-passing black people choosing to live as white to escape the horrors of slavery and Jim Crow. Any sane person can understand why they did that, and, if you have half a brain and look around, even today, as to why that phenomenon is still very much alive and well. Simply appearing white to the world in America affords one an astounding amount of privilege. Hell, it saved countless lives in the past, and still does so today. The opposite is true, however, of passing for black, which is what Rachel Dolezal did. There are people out there who want to give this woman a pass. They fall into three categories:

  • Black people who wish to move away from this scandal and get back to the noble and society-changing work that the NAACP has been doing since 1909, and preserve the organization’s credibility;
  • White people awash in privilege and who are completely clueless who wish to excuse what she has done and silence outraged black voices;
  • Uncle Tom black folks who wish to continue licking as many white asses as they can find as often as they can find them

The first group of people have a great point. This incident has taken away from the McKinney pool party incident and other real, important incidences of racism. In other words, once again the actions and woes of a white person are silencing and taking much-needed attention and discussion away from the issues that Black America faces.

The other two groups can go f*ck themselves. First, to the dangerous, well-meaning white liberals who wish to excuse and explain away this woman’s actions due to her “troubled childhood” and estranged familial relationship? Well, guess what, most of what Rachel Dolezal has said has been lies. The investigation into the so-called racist death threats she received has been dropped, the claims of her hunting her own food and living in a tee-pee in South Africa have all but been proven to be false, and she straight out lied and held up an African-American man and claimed that he was her biological father, when indeed he is not. Further, Ms. Dolezal claimed that one of her adopted black siblings is her son. In other words, the woman is a pathological liar, along with the grossly insulting and offensive cultural appropriation to the extreme. There is no excusing that.

But, that’s not all, either. When Rachel Dolezal saw that she could benefit from being white, she sure as hell did so, even going so far as to sue Howard University when she was a student there, claiming anti-white discrimination. And that is the crux of what is so wrong with all of this. All this woman has to do is let that bad spray-on tan fade and go back to having that long, white girl blonde hair, and she steps right back into the world of privilege in which she grew up and to which she belongs. Actual black people cannot do that.

That is what makes all of this so insulting and offensive. In an interview with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, Dolezal said that she still identifies as black, and that she identifies with the “black experience.” Well, honey, let me tell you, you don’t know what the black experience is, at all, and nor do your fellow white people who are trying to apologize your nonsense away. But, as an actual black woman, let me clue you in.

I was nine years old when I experienced my first real encounter with racism. It was at my 9th birthday party in a Godfather’s Pizza, where the server and manager there discriminated against me and my family and ruined my party. You can read about the entire incident here, on Addicting Info. That stole what innocence I had left, though I had already understood, as anyone who grows up black in America does from a very young age, what racism is, and how to recognize when it is directed at me, so as not to wind up hurt, or, worse, dead. That, my dear, is the black experience. You really have no clue.

You showed you have no clue when you used your actual race to sue a traditionally black university over what amounts to bullshit. You’re white when it suits you, and you’re black when it suits you. Hell, it suited you so well and you got so good at it you sashayed your lily-white ass all the way up to the top of your local NAACP chapter! Must be nice to be able to step in and out of that black skin whenever you feel like it. I wouldn’t know though. Just like you wouldn’t know what it is like to be silenced and discriminated against every day of your life from birth until death.

As for the Uncle Tom negroes who are apologizing and licking badges and white asses at every turn, and, as such, apologizing this bullshit away? Shame on you. That’s all I have to say.

Rachel Dolezal, you are not black. You have no “black identity.” You have no “black experience.” You have no integrity or authenticity. You are a liar and a cheat, and you need to disappear. The one thing I hope you take away from this experience is this: It doesn’t matter what good you think you have done. It was all built on a foundation of lies, and is therefore meaningless. You’ve done immeasurable damage to the organization, the movement, and, most of all, to the people you claim to love so much. In short, f*ck you.

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