Ohio Mayor Tells Police He’ll Support Them When Attacked By ‘Race Baiting Black Leaders’

A mayor in Norwood, Ohio is facing serious backlash after he penned a letter to police pledging support against “race baiting black leaders.” The letter was written two days after the execution deaths of two New York police officers, but was only posted to the Norwood Police Department’s Facebook page.

Mayor Thomas F. Williams wrote:

With recent events across the country, I feel compelled to express my thoughts in writing as police officers across the country are under attack by race baiting black leaders and cowardly elected officials……Let it be known that, God forbid, something controversial would happen, I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU.


The Norwood Police Department has faced controversy in the past and entered into and agreement with the Department of Justice and ACLU after a string of black suspects were shot in 2001. The shootings led to riots in the city.

Police Chief William Kramer attempted reassure the public that his department and the mayor’s office would never blindly support a bad officer:

We, as a police department, truly appreciate his support and are glad that we have his trust. The mayor, as well as I, would never turn a blind eye to any officer who betrayed the public trust.

Not everyone was so easily placated though. The Greater Cincinnati Chapter National Action Network President Bishop Bobby Hilton called the mayor’s remarks insulting and disparaging. He also encouraged a boycott of Norwood businesses in response.

It is unfortunate he has a problem with blacks and citizens of every group demanding full and fair investigations of the killings of unarmed black men. I strongly suggest that blacks stay out of Norwood. Do not shop there. [Source]

This kind of rhetoric is proof that America is not as post-racial as it would like to claim.

The police abuse issue is turning into a wedge issue like abortion or gay marriage. Suddenly if we question the actions of police we are called traitors, like Mayor Bill de Blasio has been. It is absolutely insane.

This mayor basically told the people, in the city that he is supposed to govern, that their lives are worth less than the lives of officers. That if one of them is senselessly gunned down by a trigger happy cop, he will support their murderer.

Is it any wonder African-Americans in this country feel as if their lives are not respected?

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