‘Obama Is Smiling His Smug Little Smile’ And Other DISGUSTING #Dallas Tweets (SCREENSHOTS)

The horror and carnage that unfolded in Dallas (the place where America’s conscience always goes to die) on Thursday night sent shivers down our entire collective conscious. With the wanton and racially motivated killing of 5 Dallas police officers, it was the worst day for law enforcement since 9/11. The Dallas sniper deserves no name other than “psychotic f*ckhead”, as he just made more trigger-happy cops even more fearful of black men. Moreover. he helped destroy any justice that might have come for both Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, and totally destroyed any sympathy average white Americans might have for BLM–a movement that was gaining steam and actually worked alongside Dallas police. Yes, we can officially all now move to Canada.

While national tragedies bring out the best in some of us, they also bring out the true vile human in us as well. Social media (or anti-social media) is typically the best place to express vile racism and hatred, preferably without spell check. More specifically, on twitter.

Mouth foaming conservatives naturally took to twitter to blame the death of white police officers on President Obama. One really has to wonder if these deranged loons will still blame Obama once he leaves office next year. In any case, here are some of the worst of them all.



And then there was the mothership of scumbaggery, courtesy of deadbeat dad and former Congressman Joe Walsh. This man needs to have his smartphone confiscated:

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Featured image via Twitter

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