NRA Re-Elects Ted Nugent To Board Of Directors Despite (Or Because Of) All His Racist, Hateful Remarks

The NRA has just flown a huge middle finger at all its non-white, non-hetersexual male members when it reelected Ted Nugent to its board of directors not even weeks after he promoted a video of Hillary Clinton’s assassination.

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Because of course they did. I mean, I’d be shocked if they didn’t at this point.

“Nazis in Disguise”

As the annual NRA meeting draws to a close in Louisville, KY, the NRA election committee chairman Carl T. Rowan announced that Ted Nugent was one of 25 people elected to a three-year term on the NRA’s board. Nugent received the second most votes.

Imagine for me a small child who does the exact opposite of what you say simply to spit you, even if it hurts themselves. We all know this stubborn child — the NRA is apparently the adult version of this. I strongly suspect Nugent got re-elected precisely because he is so offensive, and they think it’s “edgy” or “transgressive” to vote for a guy who considers black people to be animals.

This edge is the only thing sharp about these people.

Of course, Nugent’s also been on the board for more than 20 years, and is probably the face of NRA leadership. He’s a fixture at these meetings too, having given a speech every year since 2010, and 2016 is no exception — his speech is entitled, “2016 Election Do or Die for America and Freedom.”

Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it all before. Same lie, different peddler.

Nugent’s become increasingly extreme in the recent years, but even by previous standards, 2016 was a standout year for the man. Here’s a monthly play-by-play:

  • In January, Nugent said that Obama and Clinton should be hanged for treason because of the right-wing’s favorite bugbear, Benghazi (Someone needs to turn Benghazi into a musical; it’d be a better way to spend tax dollars than the near constant witch hunts that never turn up anything).
  • In February, Nugent suggested that the Jews are behind a conspiracy to enact gun control. This drew fire from the Anti-Defamation League, which caused Nugent to double down, claiming that Jews who support stricter gun control laws are “Nazis in disguise.” He eventually gave a not-pology after facing criticism from other far-right pro-gun organizations.
  • In March, Nugent called a Hispanic critic a “beano chimp” and suggested the man should die, since this is how right-wingers have adult conversations.
  • That same month, Nugent shared a misogynistic chain message detailing why men prefer guns over women, with such cutting, adult humor like “guns function normally every day of the month” and “a gun doesn’t mind if you go to sleep after you use it.”
  • And then Nugent shared an image on his Facebook page, saying it was an advertisement for a moving company called “2 niggers and a stolen truck.”
  • We’re out of March now, and into May, when Nugent shared a fake video of Hillary Clinton being shot to death by Bernie Sanders. His own cutting commentary on the video included: “I got your gun-control right here bitch!”

And the NRA felt it fit to reward this behavior by electing him to serve a three-year term on their board again. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the future for the NRA looks really — and thankfully — bleak.

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