Notorious Open Carry Activist Calls NFL Player A ‘Greedy N*gger’ (IMAGES)

You may have seen Kory Watkins before.  He’s the gun-humping ammosexual who defends Home Depot from tyranny in his cool white Fedora.  His bony face and creepy smile are enough to scare away small children.

Kory is an extremist.  His antics surrounding the open carry debate have gotten him banished from the Open Carry Texas movement, forcing him to create his own group of lunatics called “Open Carry Tarrant County (OCTC).”

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courtesy of Ellis County Right to Know 



“As long as Kory is destroying everything we’ve worked for the past 18 months I won’t be silent about it,” C.J. Grisham, founder of Open Carry Texas (OCT) said.

Michelle Prescott of American Gun Rights said, “Kory and OCTC have always been and will always be seen in the eyes of the unknowing as being part of OCT. He is a blight on OCT and all Texas Gun Rights groups and activists. Perhaps all the group leaders need to collectively come out with a release and state as a collective what they did was wrong and we as REAL activists do not support his or OCTC actions.”

When the people of OCT think you’ve gone too far, you’ve gone too far.

Just this week Watkins announced that not passing open carry laws is a crime “punishable by death.”

Such a winner, this guy.

Newsflash: not only is Watkins a gun-humping extremist, he’s also an in-your-face, blatantly ignorant racist.

This was retrieved by Ellis County Right To Know from Watkins’ Twitter account:

Chris Johnson never did reply.

Watkins may be an idiot, but that doesn’t make him less dangerous.  Remember that this guy is carrying a loaded assault rifle in public.  With the kind of hate and the serious threats he’s made, Kory Watkins personifies why people want sensible gun-control legislation.

We would really like to be able to go shopping without worrying that miscreants like this aren’t going to have the psychotic break they’re destined for and start spraying bullets at us while we search for sandpaper because there happens to be a black man looking at wood filler a few feet away.

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