Not Racist Indiana ‘Patriot’ Drives ‘Lyin African’ Obama Float In July 4th Parade (SCREENSHOTS)

Fourth of July is the day we celebrate vertical sodium nitrate distribution and blown off appendages. It also may have something to do with a tiny, insignificant watershed moment in which we broke away from the British tyrannical rule. Who really knows? Apparently, it’s also a wonderful time to celebrate good old-fashioned racism in public.

Don Christy doesn’t care what you think about his parade float. To him, the words “Lying African” in front of a depiction of President Barack Obama was pure comedic genius. And people wonder why no conservative is featured prominently in comedy.  But even if Christy thinks his float was the pinnacle of political comedy, many residents are wondering why the heck town officials, police, and organizers allowed the 73-year-old Christy to drive the display in Monday’s Fourth of July parade in Sheridan, Indiana.

Christy, a Trump supporter (as if you didn’t already deduce that yourself), donned a prison jumpsuit and a blond wig while driving a golf cart in the rural town’s parade. The cart’s roof displayed signs in support of Trump. The front featured a  head of a stuffed animal with a sign reading “African Lion.” On the back, a doll with an Obama mask was propped up in a toilet with a sign reading “Lying African.”

I guess Christy thought Independence Day was about celebrating freedumb, not freedom. 


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I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican, Christy told IndyStar. I’m a patriot.

In other words, he’s the type of guy who doesn’t want the gub-mint getting involved in his medicare and believes every man, child, infant, and pet should have access to assault weapons. 

Even the vice chairman of Trump’s Indiana campaign said the display went too far.

As described by media accounts, the depiction on the float was in poor taste and crossed a line, said Tony Samuel. It may not even have been allowed in the parade had it gone through the proper channels. Independence Day is a time to celebrate the strength, diversity and prosperity of our nation, not the time to disparage an elected official in front of impressionable children that were surely watching along the parade route.

The parade organizers were a little more miffed, however.

Sheridan Town Council President David Kinkead said in a statement that he was “deeply appalled by the blatantly disrespectful and racist display.”

Our town, community, and county have always striven to be open and inclusive to all regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation, he said.

People like Christy are like over-caffeinated children; only they think the crap they say is funny.

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