No, Senator Cruz, Not All Terrorists Are Muslim (TWEET, VIDEO)

During the Republican debate on CNN, Sen. Ted Cruz said something that made many wince. During a back and forth between Cruz and Donald Trump, Cruz made a ridiculous analogy. Here it is:

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Um, no. That’s patently false. Not all terrorists are Muslim. A simple Google search will show you that, in the U.S. anyway, more terrorist attacks came from white, Christian men. That is by the definition of terrorism set down by federal law.

According to the International Security website, there have been 9 terrorist attacks since 9/11 that were perpetrated by Muslims. A total of 45 people were killed in these attacks. Non-Muslim terrorists have killed 48 people in 18 attacks. That’s twice as many terrorist attacks committed by non-Muslims. Republicans can’t math, as we all know.

If Sen. Cruz and the rest of the GOP clown car were serious about protecting us, they would crawl out from under the NRA’s skirts and pass sensible gun laws. All but one of those terrorist attacks, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, have been committed with guns.

Ted Cruz and the rest of the GOP field don’t want to really protect us. They want to whip up fear for two reasons: 1) to sell more guns and 2) to get the people they scare to vote for them. They have no policy so they fall back on the fear card. Pitiful.

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