No One Slams Racists Like JK Rowling, She Just DESTROYED Trump’s Spokeswoman In One Tweet (TWEETS)

Harry Potter taught millions upon millions of little boys and girls that “mudblood” (the term for Wizards with human parentage in the much-loved book series) is not just a dirty word, it is a word that only evil, treacherous villains use. It is quite appropriate, then, that a Trump spokeswoman who has alluded to the “purity of blood” being desirable for the President of the United States of America, you know, the melting pot of the world.

Who better than JK Rowling, the Patroness of the Hogwarts Universe, to slap the stupid right out of Katrina Pierson, the bi-racial official spokeswoman of the Donald Trump Campaign? None, actually, and when Rowling sets her sights on this useless piece of racists, hatriot garbage it is a thing of beauty.

Death Eaters, the lowest racists and biggest cowards of the Wizarding world have pledged their magical abilities to none other than Lord Voldemort in an effort to keep their world, and their bloodlines, pure. Well, that is appropriate, and far too accurate a measure of the inane Pierson. Incidentally, Rowling has also compared the repugnant GOP frontrunner and fascist to none other than that self-same “he who shall not be named,” due to the rampant similarities in their character, though still Voldemort seems the lesser of the two evils.

Rowling is much loved, with a Twitter following of 6.5 million, and her fans reacted to the apt smack-down as you would expect:

This really is the way to shut down the false narratives being circulated by hateful people to try to make them feel that their hatred and racism is not only normal, but acceptable when bigotry is not only not acceptable, but something that we should all stand behind eradicating.

Thank you, JK Rowling, for saying what we were all thinking about this vacuous, vile, bitter creature.

Feature image via Huntress’ Uncommon Sense 

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