Neo-Nazi Terrorizes Girl With Racial Slurs And Knife, Whines That HE’S The Victim Afterward

Jamie Lee Chris Schammel won’t be getting any awards for being a great person… probably ever. On September 25th, this 35-year-old man with neo-nazi tattoos and a long, violent criminal history -including third-degree murder after a meth lab explosion –  allegedly decided to terrorize a 13-year-old teenager having a bonfire with racial slurs and a knife. According to the Post Bulletin:

He rode toward the fence in the yard and yelled the slur again at the people in the backyard and threw a water bottle at the girl when she told him to leave. Schammel then allegedly got off the bike about 20 feet away from her and pulled out a collapsible baton; the girl yelled for her friends to get inside the house. Schammel then pulled a knife from his bike bag, court documents say, and ran at the girl, continuing to swear and use racial slurs. The victim said she thought he was on drugs, and was going to stab her as she ran to her front steps. Schammel got back on his bike and rode away.

The a**hole with neo-nazi tattoos cries victim: claims teens started it by calling him racial slurs

The 13-year-old then proceeded to call the police. When confronted by police, Schammel initially denied the whole incident, but gradually admitted something happened – but, with a different spin on it. Schammel told police that the racial slurs were directed at him as he rode his bike past the bonfire because of his white supremacist tattoos.

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That’s right, his story is that in the darkness of 10 p.m. these teenagers (with apparently superhuman powers if they were able to not only see details of someone racing past in the dark, but also over-come the additional night-blindness being near a large light source like a bonfire would cause) taunted him for his tattoos. Schammel then pulled out his “how to blame black people after you attack them” handbook and claims he was forced to pull out his baton because the teens were reaching towards their waistbands.

Jamie Schammel goes to Facebook and callously jokes about confrontation

The police saw Shammel’s story for the bullsh*t it was, and he is now being charged with one count each of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and terroristic threats. After posting bail, Shammel decided to use some of his time to respond to questions about the incident on his Facebook page.

WARNING: Graphic language


Although the conversation doesn’t all make sense, Schammel doesn’t seem to be taking the accusations very seriously. I can’t find an article referring to amputations, however the fire is probably in reference to the 2001 meth lab fire which resulted in his third-degree murder charge that many article mention when reporting this current story.

The part about blaming the cops and those who call the cops makes more sense though once you see one of the biggest themes of his Facebook page, along with suicidal rants and calling women whores, is a violent hatred towards the police.

Putting up cover photos of cop cars blowing up may bring some comfort to this man who allegedly tried to kick out the rear side window of a squad car after being arrested for assaulting his father in 2013, but obviously not enough to make Schammel ok with living inside his own head – as evidenced by his multiple suicidal posts. Hopefully he can get the help he needs – safely away from society.

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