Neil deGrasse Tyson Destroys Racists: Hairy Whites Are More Like Monkeys Than Black People (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing one notices when wading through the morass of paranoia, stupidity, cousin-humping and bigotry that is the comment section of pretty much any conservative web site ever, among the steady stream of racist remarks any time a black person so much as sneezes, right-wingers rather enjoy throwing the terms “monkey” and “ape” and “gorilla” around. But Neil deGrasse Tyson, through the awesome power of science, has some news for these raging bigots: Hairy white guys are more similar to apes than are black people.

On Monday, the astrophysicist was asked about the racist booing of black Australian soccer player Adam Goodes for celebrating goals with an indigenous dance. “I’ve got enough race problems in the United States, you know,” Tyson said. “All I could think of — well, I thought about nine things, if you allow me. And what we do in math is you separate the variables and what’s happening is all the variables are jumbled together and people are reacting but if you separate the variables, it can be revealing.”

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“For example, he is celebrating his score at the end of a game. Correct? I mean, during the game and he does it in a way that’s different from everyone else gesturally and, to me, that’s a form of freedom of expression, a freedom of speech,” Tyson said . “If you don’t like that, at some point you have to confess to yourself you’re not a fan of freedom of speech and so if you are going to do that, that’s a different country from what I understand Australia claims to be. That’s A.”

Tyson reflected on a 13-year-old girl who called Goodes an “ape,” saying the girl must have learned the slur from those around her.

“B, it was in another occasion in response to this, a 13 year old girl engages him with a comment,” he said. “If you’re 13 you just don’t say that unless you came from an environment where that’s been said before. That’s really weird. In this, the 21st century, for people to be behaving that way, I’m highly disappointed, if I can say.”

“You know what she’s done, she’s selectively chosen things about apes that she thinks apply to him and not other things that would apply to people who are white,” Tyson said, “For example, apes have hair all over their bodies. You have never seen a black person with hair all over their bodies. Black people are some of the least hairiest people in this world!”

“Who are the hairiest?” he asks rhetorically. “It’s white people! With hair on the back, out of the neck. And so if you focused on hair then you could call white people monkeys, right. It’s all racist conduct.”

“When, why, and where does skin color matter in that sport?” the astrophysicist asks. “When I think about race, it’s being invoked here in Australia as a means to figure out who belongs and who does not.”

“When I think about race,” Tyson said, “I think of it as something that unifies us all. I think about it as the human race.”

Watch Tyson destroy racists, below:


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