Naked Florida Man Sends His Five Dogs To Kill ‘Muslim Terrorist’ Neighbor’s Pet (VIDEO)

Nudity? Check. Violence? Check. Bigotry? Check. Florida? Well, of COURSE, it’s Florida. Where else does a naked lunatic sic his five dogs on a smaller dog because the dog’s owner is Arabic?


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Police say a Lake Wales man was naked when he stood in the doorway of his home and released his five dogs, allowing them to attack a small Bichon Frise that was being walked by its owner. Sadly, the small dog has died, the owner tells News Channel 8 Wednesday.

It must make Jackie Hammond, the 72-year-old asshole with his five dogs, feel like a real ‘Murikan that he killed a little Bichon Frise. When the police came to arrest him, he was darn proud of striking a blow against the creeping Sharia terrorist blablabla:

Investigators say Hammock said that he did not come to the door nude, but when an officer asked him if he sent his dogs to attack Baksh, he said, “Oh yes sir, absolutely. I hate that terrorist pr**ck.”

Hammock was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, aggravated assault and exposure of sexual organs.

Oh, by the way, the small dog’s owner, Azard Baksh? He’s an Air Force veteran. So much for him being a scary Muslim terrorist.

If we’re all lucky, this monster will spend the rest of his ugly life behind bars. He’s clearly a danger to society and completely unrepentant. A true right wing hero and martyr to the cause of freedumb

This cannot be overstated: The reckless rhetoric of Republicans have a direct and dangerous impact on the real world. Next time, it won’t be a pet that gets attacked by dogs, it will be an innocent person who just happens to be the “wrong” religion or ethnicity. Or maybe the next naked lunatic from Florida (there seems to be a lot of them) will skip the dogs and just shoot his “Muslim terrorist” neighbor because Fox News convinced him that every Muslim is a potential Osama bin Laden.

Here’s the whole story via WFLA Channel 8:

Featured image via Lake Wales PD.

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