MUST-SEE Jon Stewart Clip Attacks Racist #Pointergate Nontroversy (VIDEO)

When KSTP broke the #pointergate story, it’s doubtful they could have seen how badly it would backfire. They ran “Mpls. Mayor Flashes Gang Sign With Convicted Felon; Law Enforcement Outraged” based on a picture showing the mayor standing next to a black man…and pointing at each other. Here’s the photo:

KSTP gang sign mayor

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Yet what they fail to mention is perhaps more important — such as the fact that the Chief of Police, Janee Harteau, was present when the photo was taken. Or that the man, Navell Gordon, is a canvasser for Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, and has been working hard to reintegrate into society. And in case you weren’t sure if the story was racist or not, let me clarify that for you — a nearly identical picture taken with a white person wasn’t a story at all, as pointed out by Shaun King on Dailykos.

Last but not least, the mayor has been pushing hard for department reform lately, which the cops haven’t taken kindly to. Jon Stewart clearly saw through their attempt to give the mayor bad press. That, and the shoddy journalism on the part of KSTP, make for a hilarious clip.

Here’s the video:


As I said when I first covered this story, “Last time I checked, simply pointing didn’t automatically constitute throwing up gang signs. I guess it’s different when you’re a mayor pushing for police reform and standing next to a black man.”

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