Move N*gger Now: Racists Try To Scare Grandmother And Her Family Out Of Their Home (IMAGES)

A woman in Alabama was celebrating the new year with her granddaughter when all of a sudden they were disrupted by a loud crash at the front of their home.

Terry Turner was in the back bedroom of her home when large rocks were suddenly hurled through three windows in the front of her house.

When the Limestone County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, they discovered a very disturbing racial slur spray painted all over the woman’s garage door:  Move N*gger Now

(Image via

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When she called the police at first, she did not know what was on her house, presumably because she was too afraid to go outside, especially with a child.

Terry told WHNT News that she had been living at the residence for the last eight years. She is used to being discriminated against for her skin color, because people have driven by her home yelling racial slurs before, but she never expected things to get like this.

Even though a horrible display of racism and hatred has been inflicted upon her and her family, Terry does not hold any of the same feelings, surprisingly. This could very well be a lesson to the rest of us in how we deal these types of situations.

She says:

I don’t hate whoever did this. I just don’t understand it.

Racism is something that’s taught. When you get two babies in a room, a black baby and a white baby in a room, they don’t know nothing about that until they’re taught.

However, while Mrs. Turner has decided to take the high road, she made no mistake that she would not be deterred and would not live out her days in fear:

 This is my home. I’m free to live wherever I want to live.

Currently, whoever is responsible for this hate crime is still at large. If you have any information, please contact the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office at 256-232-0111.

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