Michelle Malkin Is Basking In The Anger Over Grand Jury Verdict

We’re all aware of the grand jury’s decision last night not to indict Officer Darren Wilson on homicide charges for shooting unarmed teenager Mike Brown six times, right? We can skip that part? Good, I don’t like that part.

While the protesters were protesting peacefully, looters were looting and rioters rioting in various towns across America, the known racists of the media were having a field day with it.

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[Enter Michelle Malkin, ironic racist, stage left]

The right-wing media is loving that their hero, Officer Darren Wilson, is free tonight and that black America feels kicked in the stomach. So what do you do to add further insult to injury? Make the entire protest about what it’s not.

Twitchy is all atwitter with stories of lootings, robberies, and scared protesters running from heavily armed police dressed like soldiers. It’s sickening.


Michelle Malkin is happy and that’s just not a world I want to live in. (Twitter)

Sure, stores were looted, some were burned down. Cars set ablaze. Objects were lobbed at police but there will always be opportunists and agitators. It was downright ugly in some areas. Yet, hateful people like conservative talking head Michelle Malkin will only ever be able to see bad people instead of the larger amount of good people who care about Michael Brown’s family, and their own.

I saw a community who cares again. People of all races coming together to say that killing an unarmed teenager is not okay. That a person who does that, regardless of their job, should at the very least be tried by an impartial jury. That #blacklivesmatter too.

Oakland marched on to Shaw and Grant where another unarmed black man was killed earlier this year and shut down the intersection before being confronted by a police force.

Seattle staged a “die-in” where protesters laid down in the street, the protest became violent when they tried to enter the I-5 freeway but were tear-gassed and maced by the police.

New York saw thousands show up but remained peaceful for the most part.

Protests aren’t supposed to be polite. And people like Malkin will always hone in on the opportunists and agitators. While the community wishes to heal after the tragedy, Malkin will be there to rub salt in everyone’s wounds.

While it’s natural to wonder why people destroy their own communities out of anger and opportunity, here’s the real question:

Ferguson protests

Good question. Twitchy

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