Megyn Kelly Angrily Blasts Trump For His Racist Attacks On ‘Mexican’ Judge (VIDEO)

Uh-oh! It looks like Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her whatever again as she tore into Trump Thursday night for his unhinged attacks on the “Mexican” judge presiding over the Trump University fraud case:

Fox News host Megyn Kelly ripped Donald Trump on Thursday for his latest accusations of bias against US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, arguing that they are not only unfounded, but potentially dangerous.

“When he does this, I guarantee you right now that this judge is getting threats and vitriol and who knows what else,” Kelly told guest Bill Bennett.

This, of course, is the point. Trump’s goal is twofold: First, he’s trying to discredit Judge Curiel because Trump is worried that the more information about what a fraud his university was, the more damage it will do to his campaign. By painting Curiel as a biased “Mexican” hater, Trump is inoculating his followers to the any bad publicity he’ll get. After all, how can they trust the verdict of a Trump hater?!

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Second, Trump is judge shopping. He wants Curiel to recuse himself or be removed in an attempt to find a more friendly judge. One who won’t rule against his multi-million dollar scam.

Also, Trump is just a racist piece of trash.

Kelly started by, in a very irritated tone, debunking claims that Judge Curiel belongs to La Raza (unless La Raza has transformed into a non-partisan group that supports Hispanic lawyers and judges) or that he wasn’t born in the United States (did Indiana secede?). She was also incredulous of the idea that Judge Curiel needed to be investigated just because he was ruling against Trump. Because how dare he?!

Kelly wasn’t quite finished, though. She stepped up and defended the judge’s record:

“Trump continues to attack a sitting federal judge — who by the way, did a lot to fight the drug cartels when he was a prosecutor — based on his ethnicity,” she said. “Suggesting he has an inherent conflict of interest because of his heritage. ‘A Hispanic cannot judge a case against me.’ That is what Trump is saying.”

If this doesn’t put Trump back on the Anti-Kelly Warpath, I don’t know what will.

Here’s a very angry Kelly kicking Trump’s ass:

Featured image via screencap.

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