Massive Victory For Undocumented Immigrants In California Leaves Conservatives Furious

On Friday, California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that allows hundreds of thousands of California’s undocumented immigrants to legally buy health insurance for the first time.

Via Raw Story:

The law lets the state request a waiver from the federal government that will be needed to allow unauthorized immigrants to purchase unsubsidized insurance through Covered California, the state’s healthcare exchange.

“Today we ask the federal government to remove another barrier to health insurance access that discriminates against some of our residents on the basis of their documentation status,” said Senator Ricardo Lara, the bill’s author, in a statement.

Hilariously, opponents to the move complain that it will cost taxpayers more money and, apparently, place a burden on the state’s existing health care system. I say “hilariously” because the entire point of getting people to buy health insurance is to SAVE taxpayers money. By paying for insurance, undocumented immigrants A) are contributing directly to the system, B) much more likely to get routine healthcare, thereby staying healthier and more productive and C) become far less likely to use the emergency room as primary care which costs the taxpayers a ton of money every year. And the idea that California’s health system won’t scale up to meet the increased demand is ludicrous.

The real problem that opponents to the law have is that it treats undocumented immigrants like actual people instead of animals to be rounded up and deported. Anything that grants them even the slightest bit of legitimacy as fellow Americans is anathema to the bigots that would oppose letting people buy insurance. The general idea, and one stated by, among others, Mitt Romney in 2012, is to make life so difficult for undocumented immigrants that they want to leave. That many of these “undesirables” are children is irrelevant. They just gotta go and if we have to let them go hungry, be homeless and without medical care to do it, that’s just A-OK with them.

Perversely, these are the same people that spend the rest of their time protesting abortion clinics and demanding more gun rights because they’re “pro-life.”

Sadly for the inhumane among us, liberals still control parts of America and that’s why California just became the first state to vastly improve the lives of the undocumented.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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