Man Shoots Up Town, Is Taken Into Custody Without Being Tased Or Shot: He Wasn’t Black, OBVIOUSLY

A man in Enid, Oklahoma went on a shooting spree Wednesday afternoon. His car was identified by a witness and the police eventually arrested the man at his home. The whole thing went down on Wednesday night without the suspect being tased or shot.

I wonder if it was because he was white? Because if he’d been black, I’m pretty sure I’d be writing about another death.

No doubt, I will be accused of “reverse racism,” a nonsense term if ever there was one. But the statistics don’t lie. More black men are killed by police. Especially if a gun and/or a chase is involved. But a white man can drive around the town shooting his substitute penis gun at cars and animals and be arrested at his home without being tased or shot. Amazing.

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Between 4:56pm and 9:40pm, Anthony “Tony” Jackson drove around Enid, Oklahoma and shot his gun 42 times,  causing damage to cars and hitting a dog. Yes, the dog is fine now, after surgery on his leg.
A witness called police with the license plate and description of the car Jackson was driving. The police checked the plate, got the address and went to Jackson’s home with a search warrant.

Although they did bring the SWAT team along, apparently, they didn’t threaten Jackson with violence. Jackson was charged with animal cruelty, use of a vehicle to facilitate intentional discharge of a firearm and reckless conduct with a firearm.

All without one shot being fired at him, or any tasers used.

More charges may be forthcoming, however, as Jackson kept firearms at the auto glass shop where he worked. Or did work; he was fired for violating company policy on firearms. The shop manager found an AR-15, a pistol, ammunition and a bulletproof vest in the work van which Jackson had been assigned. He told police that he was “concerned Jackson would be upset (presumably about being fired) when he arrived at the shop” and did not want the firearms at the business.

This guy was a massacre waiting to happen. Why did he drive through the town shooting cars? Maybe it was a warm-up. Maybe he was just blowing off steam so he didn’t go on a rampage at his former workplace. Either way, here’s another “responsible gun owner” who was “law-abiding”…until he wasn’t.

But I can guarantee you one thing: if Jackson had been black, this would have been an entirely different story. Just look at the reports here. If Anthony Jackson had been black, this story would have a different ending.

You know it would.

Featured Image: photos via graphic by author

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