Maine’s Gov Releases ‘Binder Of Drug Dealers’ He Said Proves 90% Are Black, Hispanic. Most Are White.

There are many bad governors, but none quite so monumentally terrible as Maine’s Paul LePage. Serially facing impeachment hearings, scandalized by a near endless number of racist remarks, and hated by nearly everyone in politics (on both sides of the aisle), LePage’s legacy is cemented as his being one of the most batshit insane people to ever hold office in the United States.

And things just got a whole lot worse.

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As usual, LePage’s troubles began with when he opened his own mouth. After years of insisting that his racist assertions that black people were ruining Maine with drugs and – not kidding – “impregnating young white girls,” LePage got tired of waffling between half-apologies. Instead, he angrily told reporters that he had compiled a “three-ring binder” of drug crimes that proved “90-plus percent of those pictures in my book, and it’s a three-ring binder, are black and Hispanic people.”

The insane idea that the Governor of Maine was so consumed by vindicating his racism that he would compose a “book” of drug offenders was juicy enough that reporters did the only sensible thing. They “FOIA’d” the hell out of it.

And the government was forced to comply.

The binder is filled with drug offenses of various kinds and includes creepy notes handwritten by LePage that tell his staff when a case particularly revs his engine.

But what’s most striking is that far from LePage’s “90-plus percent” figure, most of the convicted drug dealers featured in his bizarre binder are… white. Over half of them, in fact.

Ironically, the binder that served as LePage’s personal justification for his racism actually shows how diverse the drug problem is in the United States. The first few pages of the binder do feature several black men, but then people like this pop-up and it’s clear LePage doesn’t know what to make of it.


The level of racism on display by LePage has been profound. While secretly compiling this binder, he was publicly labeling drug dealers names like “smoothie,” “shifty,” and “D-money.” For every apology he was forced to make by his beleaguered staff, he would double down shortly after.

“I had to go scream at the top of my lungs about black dealers coming in and doing the things that they’re doing to our state,” he said on his weekly radio appearance on WVOM. “I had to scream about guillotines and those types of things before they were embarrassed into giving us a handful of DEA agents. That is what it takes with this 127th [legislature]. It takes outrageous comments and outrageous actions to get them off the dime.”

Guillotines? That’s right. LePage floated the idea of beheading drug dealers as a way of execution in Maine. Drug dealers he insists are 90 percent people of color.

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