LISTEN: Rick Wiles Projects His Racism Onto President Obama To Mark Columbus Day

Another Columbus Day behind us and we’re left cleaning up after racists who shat all over those of us who like our history factual. Like it or not, Columbus was not a demi-god who discovered the Americas, gifted them with the wonders of European technology and then sailed home. He spread a cloud of condescending death over the areas he found, leaving devastation in his wake. This is a fact, and one that had been glossed over for decades. Only recently has the truth been a part of the annual observance.

This is not to belittle Italian-Americans. Their heritage is as important to them as anyone else’s. Columbus’ legacy has nothing to do with his being Italian, however, and to ignore fact to serve a quasi-historical celebration is disingenuous and unfair.

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That’s something which Rick Wiles is perfectly happy to do, though. And if you don’t see things his way, he’s also perfectly happy to label you a racist. This is a unique way in which conservative right-wingers assuage their own deep-seated racism, you see; by accusing others of it.

On his Monday Trunews show, Wiles was flinging poo at — surprise! — President Obama. Why? Because Obama dared to mention Native Americans in his Columbus Day Proclamation. How dare he harsh Wiles’ racist mellow like that? Wiles wasn’t shy about it, either:

The reason Barack Obama can’t celebrate Columbus Day as a normal, patriotic American citizen… (is because)… Christopher Columbus was a white, European, Italian. Mr. Obama is a racist. He is the most racist man ever to occupy the White House.

Now, there’s a claim that can’t be tested, right? Wrong. Apparently, Wiles has never heard of Andrew Jackson. Mr. Jackson, who earned the appellation of “Sharp Knife” due to his murders of American Indians, was a “forceful proponent of Indian removal.” He legalized ethnic cleansing with the Indian Removal Act in 1830, removing 46,000 Indians from over 25 million acres. All of which went to white settlement. Does the term, “Trail of Tears” ring a bell? Jackson was also a slave owner and thought slavery was wonderful. For him, it was.

Of course, there are other presidents who were racist:

Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, to name a few. Many showed their racism through avoidance of racial issues, use of particularly racist language, and some through their support of Eugenics. All of whom were demonstrably more racist than President Obama. In fact, I can’t find a single instance of Obama’s so-called “racism.” And I can’t find a single fact to lead to such a conclusion.

But Wiles couldn’t stop there, of course. He noted that, since Columbus was a Christian, Obama hates him for that. Wiles also can read Columbus’ mind over the centuries, it seems (seriously, dude?), as he asserts that

… Columbus knew that America would play a role in the war with Islam in the Last Days, and Mr. Obama is a Muslim jihadist. Mr. Obama is carrying out jihad against America.

No, Mr. Wiles, President Obama is not a Muslim (and, if he were, so what?), and he is not a jihadist. He is not “carrying out jihad” against the country, either. What he is doing is implementing policies with which you disagree. Too bad, so sad but Republicans lost the 2012 Presidential election. There’s a way to change things, though, which the Founding Fathers gave us. It’s called voting. And if more people agreed with you and voted that way, our current president would be (gack!) Mitt Romney.

But more people thought Mr. Obama would make a better president and voted to give him a second term. So, suck it up Princess Rick. Deal with it. If you want to change things, vote. Or encourage others to do so. Just shut up with the projection and insults. It’s got really old and makes you look like the spiteful nutter you are.

Here’s the clip from Wile’s show via Right Wing Watch 

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