Liberal Legend Norman Lear Rallies Hollywood To Back Hillary Clinton

Norman Lear, one of Hollywood’s oldest and strongest liberal voices, has called on his fellow left wing entertainers to rally behind Hillary Clinton in the face of the train wreck that is Donald Trump:

If our liberal heads are on straight, we will be forever grateful to Bernie Sanders for teaching us to take pride in who we are — liberals, progressives, lefties — personally, I view us as Bleeding Heart Conservatives. There are no more conservative values than hewing religiously to delivering on our Founding Fathers’ promise of equal opportunity and equal justice under the law,” Lear, 93, says in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. But, he continues, “now, post-Indiana, it’s time and it’s sensible, sooner rather than later, to unite behind Hillary lest we and our values be trumped.

This will almost certainly be greeted with the usual calls of “traitor” and “sell-out” but this only underscores the dangers of the Sanders campaign and its followers viciously attacking other liberals. If Norman Lear is labeled an enemy of progressivism, there’s something very wrong with a part of the liberal movement.

If you’re not entirely sure who Norman Lear is, he’s one of the Jews that conservatives complain about when they deride “Jew-controlled Hollywood” and whine about liberal propaganda on TV. Archie Bunker, the original caricature of right wing racism and stupidity (before it stopped being satire and became reality), was an invention of Lear’s. So were Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Different Strokes and Good Times; all shows that thrust the African American community into the homes of not-at-all racist White America.

Then there was Maude, One Day At A Time and The Facts of Life; shows filled with filthy liberal feminist propaganda like “women are not property” and “women can have careers.” Just awful stuff, I know!

Just to be clear, Norman Lear has been a liberal activist longer than most of us have been alive. And now he’s calling on the left to rally to a banner to oppose Donald Trump’s candidacy. Will Hollywood’s liberals listen? Or will they dismiss him as a corporate sellout? Time will tell.

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