Lawyer: Man Threatened CAIR Offices After Binge-Drinking And A Week Of Watching Fox News

For everyone who said Fox News promotes hate speech, here’s more proof: The lawyer for a La Mesa, California man claimed the reason his client threatened to shoot up the San Diego and Washington, D.C. offices of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is because he watched too much Fox News and drank too much booze.

“He barks when he’s drunk”

La Mesa resident John David Weissinger pled guilt last year to making email and telephone threats to CAIR offices in San Diego and Washington, D.C., and for illegally owning a firearm. He was sentenced on Tuesday to a year in jail and five years probation.

His lawyer, Michael Malowney, claimed Weissinger’s behavior was a result of alcohol abuse and having spent a whole week watching Fox News coverage of the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

“He barks when he’s drunk,” Malowney told the judge at the sentencing hearing. “He was reeling from depression and anxiety.”

Watching Fox News, which lives to “inform” their mostly white audience that the world is ending and Muslims disguised as Mexicans coming across the southern boarder carrying Ebola are being invited into the White House by President Obama for their free Obamacare Phone, probably didn’t help the anxiety.

Weissinger wept during the hearing.

A female employee at CAIR’s Kearny Mesa office testified against him during the trial, claiming he left a voicemail threatening to shoot her and other CAIR employees. The employee said she’d seen Weissinger around the office in the weeks before the voicemail, and gave police his ID after seeing he’d made the call.

Weissinger also admitted to sending a threatening email to the Washington, D.C. office, claiming he was going to “kill all of you.”

Weissinger isn’t alone in terrorizing CAIR; the organization has faced other threats in recent months. In early December, the St. Louis, Missouri office received a voicemail from a man threatening to cut off the heads of Muslims. Just a few days later, the D.C. offices were evacuated after they received a letter with a powdery substance, suggesting its recipients would die a “painful death.”

Of course, this should surprise nobody. We have the walking embodiment of hate speech running for office, and there’s a good chance he might win.

Feature image via Forward Progressives

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