Klansman David Duke Rushes To Defend LePage For Disgusting, Racist Comments

First, Trump gets the endorsement of a white nationalist super PAC. Now, Maine Governor Paul LePage is receiving support from former Ku Klux Klan leader, David Duke.

It’s almost like the Republican base is revealing its true face or something.

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LePage found himself in a lot of hot water after a legendary racist rant in which he warned drug dealers from New York state named D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty (they sound like the sort of characters in an Adult Swim show) are coming to Maine to “impregnate” Maine’s “young white girl[s].”

LePage would later say that he was neither going to deny nor apologize for his words, because it was all the media’s fault. The party of personal responsibility, everyone. It’s a good thing he’s got David Duke running to save him from himself.

During his Friday radio show, Duke praised LePage, calling his refusal to apologize the “Trump effect of people not talking in politically correct manner.”

The former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard continued:

You are probably picking yourself off the floor to think that an elected governor in the United States of America would actually talk about this horrible destruction and defilement of young white women. These are not Anglo-Saxon guys from rural Maine doing this. These are, again, like the Puff Diddies — or whatever they want to call themselves — from New York.

If you ever needed a clear image of how racism and sexism intersect, here it is. Duke and LePage don’t care about these women or their choice, and the very notion that someone can be “defiled” for having sex makes my skin crawl. It’s like staring into an abyss, except this abyss isn’t self-aware enough to stare back.

Listen to Duke’s comments here

Feature image via SPLC

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