Ferguson KKK Doubles Down By Threatening To Shoot People Wearing Anonymous Guy Fawkes Masks

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Ku Klux Klan has got to be embarrassed at this moment. After all, they’ve been around for about 150 years and are currently getting their backsides handed to them by a bunch of computer hackers sporting Guy Fawkes masks. That’s likely why they’ve evolved from threatening to shoot Ferguson protesters to threatening to shoot anyone seen wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.

Klan threatens to shoot Anonymous members

The entire Klan vs Anonymous saga got started when members of the Klan threatened to shoot individuals in Ferguson who were protesting the murder Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teen, by a local police officer. Anonymous responded to this threat by revealing the identities of local Klan members in Ferguson.

The Klan obviously didn’t take it lightly, so they made random threats to journalists who were covering the story of their identity reveals, and this led to Anonymous hijacking their Twitter page.

Never one to miss out on a chance to threaten someone’s life, though, Frank Ancona, the Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights, the group which had made the original threat on Ferguson protesters, took to social media to threaten members of Anonymous.

In case you didn’t catch all of that:

“Its deer hunting season here in southern Missouri, it’s really easy to see how a hunter could mistake someone wearing one of those gay anonymous masks for the hind-end of a whitetail deer. Boom!!! Oops sorry it was an accident.”


Why so serious, KKK?

Ancona’s social media post has come after half a day of Anonymous tweeting that it could prove that Darren Wilson, the police officer who murdered Michael Brown, had ties to the Klan. Instead of doing so immediately, however, the group said it was digging deeper to figure out just how involved the Klan is in the Ferguson police force. Some of the last few tweets sent out by the hacker group show just how sure they are that there is a serious connection between the two forces.

Are we getting scared yet, Mr. Grand Imperial Voodoo Lizard Dragon of Whatever Order? It seems you didn’t get the memo: No one messes with Anonymous and gets away with it.

H/T: Liberal America

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