Judge Lets Racist Go Home After Trying To Kill Arab Woman, Racist Shoots Woman’s Son To Death

An Arab-American family pleaded with police and the courts to protect them from their racist neighbor, but in the end, the authorities simply threw their hands in the air and allowed this violent bigot to commit murder.

Khalid Jabara, 37, was fatally shot by his bigoted neighbor on Friday, but this was not the first time Vernon Mayors had tried to kill someone in the Jabara household.

The victim’s sister took to social media to tell her family’s tragic story. According to Victoria Jabara Williams, Mayors had been harassing the family for months. The intimidation began with the unhinged man hurling racial slurs at them, calling them “dirty Arabs.” However, it didn’t stop there and the situation soon turned violent.

Mayors reportedly tried to kill Khalid’s mother by running her over with a car. However, that wasn’t enough to convince the courts to keep him in jail and he was released after eight months to await trial for the attempted murder from the comfort of his home. Mind you, “home” meant right beside the woman he had tried to kill.

Williams also said that the family had two protective orders against Mayors. The night of the murder, Khalid had called the police to report that they had reason to believe that Mayors had a gun. Police came to the house to talk to the family, but they said there was nothing they could do and left the Jabaras to fend for themselves against a racist madman.

Just 30 minutes later, Mayors walked onto the Jabaras’ porch and shot Khalid, killing him.

The Jabaras are a Christian family from Lebanon. And yet ironically they are mourning the senseless death of this innocent young man because of the sickening Islamaphobia and racism that has taken hold of America in the wake of Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Indeed, in a jarring coincidence, police released the details of the man who murdered his Arab neighbor on the same day the Republican nominee suggested the only way to stop violence was to ban immigrants from Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon. When he imagines a terrorist, Trump pictures the Jabara family. In reality, here’s what a real one looks like:


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