‘Joe The Plumber’ Accuses Obama’s Girls Of Promoting Gangs – Fans Respond By Calling Them N*ggers

“Joe The Plumber” managed to turn his “average Joe” 15 minutes of fame into a quasi-political career, which now includes his very own conservative website of hate.  The Republican party seems to be content to ride the wave of stupid that is Joe and the mental midgets who write for him.

One of his writers recently posted a meme of the Obama girls, accusing them of flashing “gang signs.”  Unfortunately for Joe and the buffoon who posted it, the meme was stolen from a Facebook page called “Christians For Michele Bachmann,” a satire page run by liberals to poke fun at the stupidity of the right-wing extremist.

The so-called “article” includes the nine captivating words “The First Kids teaching valuable lessons to the children,” along with the meme, and has been shared almost 12,000 times.A nine word article is appropriate, since at ten words the average conservative loses the ability to comprehend what they’re seeing.  The article fails to mention that teenagers these days take “selfies” flashing their version of the peace sign.  It’s become chic to turn the sign sideways for some reason.  You’d have to ask a teenager why, but it certainly isn’t gang related.

I wonder if these girls have been accused of flashing gang signs.  Something tells me no.


“Peace Out” – zimbio.com

“C’elfie” – whateven.com

There are hundreds of examples on Google images.  Peace signs and duck faces aren’t “gangsta,” they’re teenager.

Joe the Plumber duped by satire page ‘Christians for Michele Bachmann.’

Better known in liberal circles as C4MB, Christians for Michelle Bachmann has been providing hilarious parody and satire for several years. It irks conservatives so badly it’s been mass reported into oblivion and is currently on its fourteenth incarnation.  Every so often an imbecile like the one Joe the Plumber has writing for him will catch something and without thinking, go figure, run with it.

This is the perfect example.  Joe’s editors didn’t bother to vet the story nine words of click-bait, they know full well that their base of fools don’t care about reality or the consequences of printing such nonsense.

The consequences came in the form of the comments from liberals, reminding them that Reagan’s daughter did a Playboy spread and that the Bush girls were party animals caught trying to buy alcohol underage with fake ID’s.  None of that matters if you can call the first family ‘low class’ and turn them into the new conservative N-word, thugs.

Joe the Plumbers fans respond by calling the Obama girls n*ggers.

When stupid gets posted, stupid comes out of the woodwork to respond.  Stupid in this case comes in the form of a plethora of people trying to explain why the peace sign is in fact gang-related, as well as the typical “I’m not racist, they’re n*ggers” crowd.



I’d like to say I’m surprised, but really I’m not.  These idiots will go to any lengths necessary to be bigots.  Public Facebook posts aren’t exempt.

Featured Image: nytimes.com

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