Jim Crow Surfaces At GOP Convention With ‘White Elevators’ Signs (IMAGE)

Jim Crow was an ugly time in the American South, and in American history overall. We all know the hostility regarding segregated schools, movie theaters, businesses, bathrooms, and everything else you can think of. Most people think of that era as a huge, disgusting stain on America’s history. However, this does not seem to be the case at the GOP convention in Cleveland, Ohio, which is set to start on Monday, with its Racist-in-Chief, Donald Trump, at the helm of what is shaping up to clearly be nothing more than a modern-day Klan rally.

The latest flap in the GOP’s efforts to hide their racism are signs that point to elevators only meant to be ridden by white people. Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau tweeted a disturbing image from the convention site with an arrow pointing toward a sign that read “White Elevators.”

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This is absolutely despicable. After the 2012 autopsy report, the GOP promised to stop being so anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, and, well, anti- every group that’s not old, straight, white Christian men. They have clearly failed miserably. If anything, they are literally turning Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan into what it has always meant: “Make America White Again.”

This just goes to show what we have always known: The GOP is full of bigots, and they have spent the entirety of their so-called “small government” movement since the Civil Rights Movement courting bigots. Donald Trump is the result of said courting. His supporters and fans are ignorant, bigoted, uneducated imbeciles that echo everything we on the left have been saying about them for a very long time but people refused to believe: that they are literally the party of hate. Hatred of anyone and everyone they can perceive as “other” and demonize to galvanize the bigots in their base is their currency, and it is selling very well right now. The fact that these signs appeared at their convention at all – no matter any efforts to quickly remove them in a damage control effort be damned – PROVES that liberals have been right all along.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America, folks.

Featured image via Georgia Info via Creative Commons

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