It’s Official: Darren Wilson Got Away With Murder

To the dismay of many, today we learned with certainty and finality that former Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson will not suffer any consequences for shooting unarmed black teenager Michael Brown to death.

The Department of Justice ruled that since Darren Wilson claimed he feared for his life — after he stopped Michael Brown for possible theft — that it was not a “prosecutable violation.”

Eric Holder and the DOJ overlooked some pretty damning FACTS — including that Darren Wilson NEVER knew that there was a possible theft.  His commanding officer went on live television and broadcast it all over the country on the evening news.

I’m not sure how Darren Wilson could have feared for his life either. The witness who claimed that Mike Brown charged at Darren Wilson lied under oath, while being interviewed by the “prosecution” and then again on the stand.  The “prosecutor,” Bob McCulloch, ADMITTED that he KNEW that witnesses were obviously lying about what they saw and even knew that some of them weren’t even at the scene of the crime.

McCulloch also claimed that he wanted to present ALL “evidence,” whether it was factual or not, and let the grand jury figure out if they were being lied to on their own.  Even though they were undoubtedly relying on the prosecution to present them with facts.

Another thing that the grand jury didn’t even hear about was Darren Wilson actions immediately after he shot and killed Mike Brown.  Wilson went to a police fraternity, CLEANED HIMSELF AND HIS WEAPON and THEN reported the murder and PROCESSED HIS OWN EVIDENCE!

You can see Darren Wilson standing over Michael Brown’s dead body–with his gun still in hand — and Darren Wilson doesn’t have a hair out of place and nothing on his uniform is disturbed. Darren Wilson, who claimed to have been in an almost-deadly scuffle was clearly untouched and uninjured.  His faked orbital injury was laughable.

Let’s not forget that the medical examiner took zero pictures and zero measurements of Michael Brown’s murder scene, because his camera had a dead battery and the crime scene was “self-explanatory.”

There is a bit of a silver lining here.

While the DOJ found that Darren Wilson didn’t “commit a prosecutable violation,” they did release a “scathing report” documenting a pattern of racism within the Ferguson Police Department.

Will the Ferguson PD enjoy the same non-consequences as Darren Wilson? We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, if you want more details about this story, and sadly, others like it, Shaun King has covered the situation exhaustively on Twitter and at DailyKos.

My hat is off to this man, dedicating his life to real reporting on the injustices we’re seeing in our society today.

Tweet by Shaun Kin

Here is the interview where McCulloch admits “eyewitnesses” lied, some not even present at the scene:



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