Is Armed Ariz. Mosque Riot-Inciter Now Looking To Profit From Confederate Flag Rallies?

Anyone remember this guy? Unfortunately, Jon Ritzheimer’s dopey expression and hateful bald head has made enough of an impression that you just might recall his ridiculous armed “protest” against a peaceful mosque in Arizona last May.

Yeah, that’s him. Let’s draw Mohammed, try to incite a riot, pretend your life is in danger and beg for $10 million to hire Tony Stark to consult on your security upgrades. While he did manage to sell some T-shirts, the outcome of his stupidity was the loss of his motorcycle and his dignity.

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Well, his motorcycle anyway. He never did have much dignity.

Ritzheimer’s latest little fit of rage-turned-bout-of-stupidity was aimed at a Walmart, in Phoenix, where he decided to show up waving a Confederate flag to show his support for racism and bigotry in the name of pride and heritage, — their neo-conservative synonyms. Ritzheimer is said to have gotten into an altercation with a youngster who was standing on an American flag, wrestling it away from him, dusting it off and flying it with his Confederate flag.

Such a hero. Denying a boy his First Amendment rights so you can unlawfully take his flag and fly it next to the flag of treason.

The protesters chanted and made fools of themselves, proclaiming themselves not racist time and time again. Heritage not hate and such. Walmart management finally had enough and kicked the protesters off of their private property. They then decided to line the street in front of an auto parts store to chant some more.

One of the managers expressed to a reporter that he thought the whole thing was a little silly. Was it silly because racists who refuse to admit they’re racists formed a protest and got booted? Nope. It was silly because according to the manager, there must have been some confusion:

We never sold Confederate flags here. We’re not in the south.

I guess that whole southern pride and heritage thing is kinda… bogus, huh?

No word yet on how much money Ritzheimer will need to beg for to keep his family safe from the Walmart regulars whose day he interfered with, or if he’ll need to sell another vehicle to buy more guns.

Only one thing is a certainty: Nobody really cares.

Featured image via Ritzheimer’s Facebook page

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