Irony At Its Finest: Tea Party Site Makes Fun Of Tribute Shirt Worn By Michael Brown’s Father (Image Gallery)

Hey, who cares about compassion or empathy when there is grammar to be made fun of, right?

That seems to be the train of thought for Jennifer Burke, a writer for journalistic paragon the Tea Party News Network, who reported on a misspelling on Michael Brown Sr.’s shirt — which showed a photo of his son with the caption, “gone to soon” — with the title, The T-Shirt Worn by Michael Brown’s Father Will Leave You Scratching Your Head.

Michael Brown's Father's Tribute T-Shirt

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In a flash of comedic brilliance, Burke tries to get a zinger off at Brown’s expense:

Gone to Soon? Where is Soon?

Perhaps their handlers should tell them that they’d stand a better chance of selling t-shirts if they were grammatically correct.

Where is Soon?  Gee, I don’t know — probably wherever it is you stored your sense of decency and humanity. It makes sense though, considering that Tea Party ideology is largely based upon pretending other people have no problems and then blaming them for your own.

Obviously, given the source, we shouldn’t be that surprised. Yet I’m still a little perplexed, because it seems like TPNN might have forgotten their target demographic. I’m sure you’ll see what I’m getting at:

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tea party 6

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tea party 11

Misspellings aren’t a big deal. Making fun of “creative” spelling is petty at best (like what I did above), but in the case of TPNN, downright shameful. If you don’t agree with the protesters, that’s fine. But making jokes at the expense of a grieving father — while the shirt in question is actually about his son — is in obvious bad taste.

What’s even more telling is the hundreds of extremely racist comments on that article, and likes on those comments. To the rabid conservatives in the comments, the Ferguson protesters, including the parents of Michael Brown, are less than human.

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