How To Turn An Adorable Picture Into A Racist Hate Fest–By Right-Wing Nut Jobs (IMAGES)

Just how dense do you have to be to be a complete racist without realizing (or admitting) that you’re a complete racist? Dense enough to like, comment and share on a hate page on Facebook like Barack Obama’s Dead Fly. Full of the typical right-wing garbage and lies, Jade Helm conspiracy theories and blatant stupidity, this bastion of conservative ignorance has hundreds of thousands of followers from sea to shining sea, eager to bash everything that has anything to do with being black.

They use the popular “it’s not racism, it’s the truth” line along with “I would say the same thing about them if they were white,” as they vilify a man for carrying a bottle of air freshener while applauding the lunatic who aimed his rifle at federal agents in support of the criminal during the Bundy standoff.

In the latest episode of disgusting bigotry, the page posted what would be an adorable picture, had they not felt the need to do this:

First of all, the bear has a valid point. This meme could almost funny if it were used in the proper context, supporting an actual issue. The right-wingers, however, decided to use this as some kind of a poke at a real issue, documented at restaurants and bars all across the country by black people who sit for half an hour while the white people around them enjoy fast service and tasty appetizers.

That’s not racist against whites, it’s true. See what I did there?

The meme, in four digits on shares, harbors a comment section where the ignorant can come by and drop a racist joke or a meme, claim they aren’t racist and leave. This particular “not racist because it’s true” comment is about the most stereotypical, unoriginal shot at black people imaginable, and the haters eat it up:


“Polar bears are quiet, cordial and happily follow the rules because following the rules benefits everyone.”

You have to remember, these are the same people who for years, before the publicity of unarmed black men being gunned down by police, who posted skulls with “I will not comply” for their profile pics. “Resist or die,” “Don’t Tread on Me,” and “III%,” Revolutionary War slogans used by neo-cons to show their reluctance to follow rules have somehow been replaced by “stop breaking the law and you won’t be summarily executed.”

Racist memes always come with racist meme replies in the comments. These people decided that in the spirit of “not racist fun,” they’d add some “not racism” of their very own. You know, because it’s true:

Har har. Making fun of a movement sparked by the cold-blooded murder of unarmed black men, because you think execution is a perfectly acceptable punishment for not having your license on you, selling loose cigarettes or having headphones on sure does prove you’re “not racist.”

You can hate whoever you want, but if you honestly want people to believe you take hate on a case-by-case basis and don’t hate entire races, you may want to stop commenting on pages like Barack Obama’s Dead Fly.

The animal theme keeps the racism looking breezy and cute, doesn’t it? Thank goodness Cecil the lion was illegally hunted and taken for a trophy. Otherwise they might not have these adorable bits of child friendly racism.

And then there’s the obvious:


Good for you. Being born is the only thing you’ve ever accomplished that’s worth a damn, and you don’t even deserve credit for that.

Then there’s the one-liners. In and out with a little taste of racism they probably justify with “oh, it’s just a little joke. I’m not a racist.”

Yes, yes you are:




And that is how the right-winger turns an innocuous picture of a bear into good ol’ fashioned social media racism.


All images are public posts on the Facebook page Barack Obama’s Dead Fly

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