Hotel Manager Fired After Hanging Slave Doll In Break Room To Mock Sandra Bland

When an Adams Mark Hotel employee in Kansas came to work on July 21, quite possibly the last thing on their mind was to have the horrifying death of Sandra Bland so flippantly and disrespectfully displayed. But that is exactly what happened. The employee, whose name has not been released, witnessed one of their supervisors “hanging a slave doll” using a trash bag as a noose to make fun of Sandra Bland, the young black woman who was arrested in Texas over a minor traffic violation and found hanging dead in her cell a couple of days later.

The employee took snapshots of the racist incident and turned them over to an attorney, Stacy Shaw, who then tweeted it on Monday, July 27. An investigation ensued prior to the tweet being made public.

The general manager of that hotel released this statement to the media:

This isolated incident is completely inconsistent with the values and culture of the Adam’s Mark Hotel Kansas City. This disturbing occurrence took place late Tuesday evening, July 21st. When brought to the attention of management the following day, an investigation was initiated. Immediately following the investigation, the employee was terminated, Friday, July 24th, prior to the start of their next shift. The Adam’s Mark Kansas City is committed to maintaining a positive working environment free of unlawful harassment.

The infuriated lawyer, Shaw, who practices primarily in DUI and Defense Law, is planning to put together anti-racist rallies in the Kansas City area as a result of this incident. She believes this was not a one-time incident and was indicative of systemic problems within the hotel chain.

Other lawyers disagree, including Denise Drake who stated:

Employees are human beings and we all know people in this world who do dumb things, really awful things, and so companies can do a certain amount, but they cannot absolutely stop everything.

The good news surrounding this is that the whistle-blower who took the picture and reported it to Shaw in the first place is still employed by Adams Mark, and the company does not plan to take any action against the employee.

Featured Image: Courtesy Facebook

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