Here’s The Most Offensive ‘Not Racist’ Ferguson Sign We’ve Seen Yet (IMAGE)

The Conservative Tribune posted more mumbo-jumbo today, this time, in the form of a photo with the commentary typical of right-wing nutjobs. The photo shows an SUV on a freeway with a sticker covering the entire back window. It’s really hard to see where the picture was taken, but suffice it to say, the sticker in question on the vehicle in question belongs to someone who probably considers themselves to be not racist (ahem).

The headline the Conservative Tribune gave to this fantastic image is, “A Conservative Put Up an ‘Offensive’ Sign to Prove a Point… And It Worked [PHOTO].” However, what they mean by “worked” is about as clear as muddy concrete that won’t cure. It went sort-of viral, but shares, reposts and retweets, even on a viral level, don’t mean anything. So, there’s one question we have to ask: Exactly how did this work? The Conservative Tribune doesn’t answer that. They don’t even try.

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Even on Twitter, where user @Callisto1947 posted it, it’s not clear how this worked. Some of the responses generated an argument, and not everyone who replied agreed with the sticker’s sentiment. It also only has 461 retweets thus far, which is hardly viral for Twitter. On Facebook, it has a whopping 11 shares as of the time this was written, and a whole 239 likes. And 3 comments. Be still, our beating hearts; we wish we could go that viral here at IYON.

Really, though, that’s not viral for Facebook in any way, shape or form. So, what, then? Did it make all the filthy, unwashed liberals, who think Michael Brown’s death was the result of a racist cop losing it, rethink their opinions? Exactly what happened to show this worked?

The Conservative Tribune goes on to bash Ferguson residents for being unemployed, because obviously. People who have time to be angry enough about injustice to protest can’t possibly have jobs,. Clearly, they spend the rest of their time sitting on their duffs collecting government checks.

Of course, that’s the fault of liberals and the welfare state, as the Conservative Tribune points out. It can’t possibly be for a whole lot of other, much more complex, reasons, one of which is institutional racism making it much harder for minorities to get into good schools, and get good jobs, than it is for white people. It also can’t possibly be because black people are far more likely to be arrested and incarcerated for even minor crimes than white people are (another aspect of institutional racism). Nope! It’s all the liberals’ fault, for helping to perpetuate the myth of racism in our great, post-racial nation.

Remember, liberals are the true racists. Conservatives are all color-blind benevolence, having fought so hard for equality and ensuring that all minorities get a fair break. They’ve eradicated racism here (or they’ve tried their very best, what with liberals standing in the way of their progress on this). We’re pretty sure some of the Conservative Tribune’s writer’s best friends are black, too. (Keep in mind, there’s a difference between conservative and liberal, and Republican and Democrat. The latter are subject to paradigm shifts. The former, not so much.)

Here’s the full photo. You tell us whether it raises a good and valid question, or if it just shows the racism underpinning what’s happened in Ferguson.


Image via Twitter


Featured image via Twitter

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