Here We Go Again: Armed Racist Idiots On Motorcycles Descend On McKinney To Support Hate

It’s time once again for the racist d-bags of the neo-confederate south to grab some guns, hop on their hogs and incite some violence.

Occupy Democrats calls them “potatriots,” which is incredibly funny but an insult to potatoes. The imbeciles who organized this event aren’t worthy of anything even resembling the word “patriot.”

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So far more than 800 people have signed up with nearly 150 “maybe’s.” If past conservative rallies like Operation American Spring are any indicator, approximately nine people will show up. The event, scheduled for Saturday morning, isn’t just to support former police officer, emotional nut job and gun wielding asshat Eric Casebolt, it’s to protest black people in general.

A new conservative theory says that the pool party in McKinney was organized as a part of a sex-slavery ring where young girls would “twerk” while doing drugs.

They don’t seem to get the point. An out-of-control cop pulled a gun on a bunch of teenage black kids, threw a 14-year-old girl to the ground and planted her face in the dirt with his knee while completely ignoring anyone who was white.

The issue in McKinney isn’t about whether or not a bunch of kids shouldn’t have been at a pool, it’s about a completely irrational response by a completely irrational racist.

The organizers of the newest hatefest aren’t even trying to hide their racism, posting videos of what they call “another day in section 8 housing and calling black people “mud monkeys” and “n*ggers.”

That’s good old-fashioned patriotism for you. In the pre-1864 south these people would’ve been commissioned as officers in the confederate army. Today they’ve been commissioned as a-holes in the conservative war against anything not white, racist or “Christian.”

Anyone who would come out in support of Eric Casebolt’s actions at that pool party has serious issues. Maybe a police presence was warranted to break up a pool party, but there was no reason for the antics of the little robo cop who could.

These idiots couldn’t care less about Eric Casebolt. The only thing they care about is promoting hate and violence while they hide behind the American (and confederate) flag.

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