Hannity: Boehner Shouldn’t Call For Hearings On Eric Garners Death Because…Benghazi (AUDIO)

Hannity the Horrible has done it again.  Making a complete fool of himself seems easy for the college-dropout turned right-wing radio hate-host.

Today Hannity is upset with Speaker John Boehner.  Boehner, in a moment of unusual humanity, has said he may call for hearings on the death of Eric Garner.

Hannity is outraged and by now there are probably hundreds of thousands of conservative sheep who are outraged as well.  It seems Boehner isn’t enthusiastic enough about something…what is it again?  Benghazi.


At some point the stupidity may stop, but not today:

[Boehner] says he may want to hold congressional hearing over the [Garner] issue.  Is this the same John Boehner who has shown zero enthusiasm over the Benghazi hearings?

Zero enthusiasm?  Boehner has just called for a 9th investigation into the Benghazi “issue.”  How many more will he have to call for before nutjobs like Hannity are satisfied?

Hannity continues to attack Boehner for not doing his job:

We have law enforcement doing their job, the justice department [doing their job], why don’t you guys do your job?  And your job is simple and that’s to stop the President.  And his radical agenda.  His lawlessness and his unconstitutional…ummm…actions.

Apparently Hannity hasn’t been paying attention.  To anything.  Since 2009.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would make it Hannity’s job to STFU and go away?

Listen to Hannity in the clip from his radio show below, courtesy of Media Matters:

H/T: Media Matters | Image: sadhillnews.com

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