GOP Operative: Supporting Trump Is ‘Smearing The Party With The Reek Of His Excreta For Decades’

Rick Wilson is a veteran Republican strategist. He is also firmly #NeverTrump. Wilson has warned GOP officials and party leaders to grow a spine and stop lining up behind Trump, but they haven’t listened. So, Wilson once again laid waste to the party before a country crowd that is supporting Trump on Sunday in a blistering open letter to Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus. Wilson warned Priebus that his and others’ support of Trump meant the death of the party, saying:

At this rate, there won’t be an autopsy at the end of this cycle; it’ll be a funeral pyre and a going-out-of-business sale.

Wilson also said:

You know this party is tearing itself apart because of Trump, and your continued public silence on his endless catalog of outrages isn’t some bold political strategy in the battle against Hillary Clinton; it’s smearing the GOP with the reek of his excreta for decades. At this rate, there won’t be an autopsy at the end of this cycle; it’ll be a funeral pyre and a going-out-of-business sale.

Wilson also called out the GOP’s constant excusing of Trump’s racism, and said what no one else will say, that Trump knows exactly what he is doing when he dog whistles white nationalists via Twitter and tries to seem like he is ignorant of where his disgusting memes and retweets originated, and how to get the RNC to put a lid on Trump’s internet racism:

In a perfect world, a bold and effective party chairman with an eye to November and the future brand of the Republican Party would tell Donald Trump he’s had every chance under the Sun to improve and become more disciplined. A bold chairman would draw a bright line at his continued, deliberate, mindful flirtation with the darkest corners of the Internet. Private pressure does nothing; Trump is a creature of the media cycle and of celebrity.

Now, your digital team can tell you a quick way to stop this without too much fuss; have Trump block the neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, overt racists and other scum who litter his timeline.
You won’t, for fear of offending him. He won’t, for fear of offending his base. Under his “Taco Salad! I love the Jews! Look at my African-American!” bluster, he’s a crafty bastard who understands white resentment politics. They’re a feature, not a bug. They’re not part of his play; they’re his only play.

Wilson polishes Priebus and the rest of the GOP brass off with the damning fact that not only is their silence regarding Trump’s bigotry tellingly deafening, but also the fact that they want to shut down the few brave Republicans – particularly delegates – who want nothing to do with Trump and his bigotry:

You’ve spent an awful lot of time and energy lately trying to intimidate and silence Republican delegates who are sickened by Trump’s behavior, terrified of the electoral disaster he may ensure and sickened by how far away he is pulling the party of Lincoln, Reagan and Coolidge from its conservative roots.

Rick Wilson is right. Donald Trump is a bigot, and he is now the standard bearer of the GOP. This fact is damning for not only the party but the country as well. He has effectively turned the party of Lincoln into the party of racists, white nationalists, and other brazen bigots. The thing is this, though: the GOP has always been the party of hate. Always. From the racist southern strategy to the welcoming of overt white supremacists and other various assorted bigots into their ranks, this is all they know. The only difference now is the fact that Donald Trump is saying out loud, plainly, for the world to hear, what they have been dog whistling for years.

Every day, we see more and more evidence that the GOP convention in Cleveland will be nothing more than a modern-day Klan meeting dressed up in fancy suits instead of sheets and hoods, with Donald Trump presiding as the Grand Wizard.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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