GOP Chairwoman Calls Obama A Monkey But Insists It’s Not Racist–How Does That Work?

One of the best things about Trump running for president is that Republicans all over America are finally dropping the pretense that they’re not racist. We’ve all know that they thrive on racism, hell, it’s their entire electoral strategy! But they also had to pretend they didn’t despise black people at the same time. These days? They don’t give a damn who knows what kind of horrible person they are:

Delta County Republican Chair Linda Sorenson shared an image on her Facebook page last week depicting Ronald Reagan nursing a chimpanzee. The photo is sandwiched by the phrase, “I’ll be damned… Reagan used to babysit Obama.”

Sorenson told me in a very brief phone interview today that it was a joke.

“I really don’t care if people are offended by it,” she told me of the post, which was sent to me by a source. “Un-friend me. Stop looking at me on Facebook.”

“I really don’t care if people are offended by it.” You can tell she’s really not embarrassed about the whole thing. And why should she be? Donald Trump is going to make America great again by putting Those People back in their place and making it A-OK to let your not-so-inner white supremacist out.

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Here’s the picture. It’s been getting emailed and shared on social media for years and it’s just hilarious!:


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Get it? Obama’s the monkey! And it’s not racist except that it actually is and she doesn’t care if you’re offended! Aahahahahahahahaha!

If I were Sorenson, I’d be a little less sanguine about being exposed as a dirtbag racist. Colorado is a very purple state and this is the kind of thing that gets you fired when there’re too many of those pesky liberals around putting up a stink. Speaking of, here’s the website and phone number (970-835-7600) to contact the Delta County GOP to let them know what you think of their chairwoman’s disgusting bigotry.

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