Racist Bigot Murderer Wants To Be A Martyr and Remembered For What He ‘Contributed’ (IMAGE)

In a trial that has seen its fair share of outbursts, inappropriate comments and threats of contempt of court, convicted murderer Frazier Glenn Cross kept it business-as-usual during the sentencing phase on Friday in Kansas City, Missouri.


Cross told the court that he wants the shooting deaths to go down in infamy. In addressing the Court, he stated:

I want to be a martyr. Every man wants to be a hero and be remembered for what he contributed.

Cross was convicted in the shooting deaths of Dr. William Corporon, Corporon’s 14-year-old grandson Reat Griffin Underwood, and Terri LaManno at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom on April 14, 2014. While Cross’s intention was to kill Jews at both places, all three victims were, in fact, Christian. In a recorded jailhouse telephone call following the shootings, Cross said he was surprised “non-Jews” would be at the two places, but was unapologetic about the killings.

It makes them accomplices of the Jews. They are against us.

Cross is a former leader of the now defunct North Carolina-based White Patriot Party (formerly known as the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan). He is a known advocate of white separatism, white nationalism and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

The jury will reconvene on Tuesday after the Labor Day weekend to determine Cross’s fate. Cross is adamant that he does not want the jury’s mercy.

I don’t want to give them the impression that I’m begging or pleading or even asking them damn people to spare my life. I don’t want their mercy.

This is the face of hatred, bigotry and intolerance, folks. Let’s hope the jury gives him exactly what he’s asking for — no mercy.

Featured image courtesy of johnson county, kansas Sheriff’s office.

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