Fox Talking Skirt: Ahmed Mohamed Was ‘Dumb’ For Wanting To Show Clock To His Teacher

Very few people would actively discourage ingenuity and creativity among students, but Fox News co-host Andrea Tantaros is apparently one of them. On Thursday, Tantaros took to the airwaves to defend the arrest of Texas Teen Ahmed Mohamed, saying that he was “dumb” for wanting to show his teacher a digital clock that he’d made.

PR Disaster

On Monday, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was arrested by police in Irving, Texas. His crime?

He brought a handmade digital clock to school to show his teacher. Of course, since staff at MacArthur High School apparently can’t tell the difference between a bomb and a clock, the police were called, and the young man arrested.

In the fine American tradition of being lily-livered pants sh*tters, the police interrogated the fourteen-year-old and eventually blamed him for bringing a “hoax bomb,” the message to all students being: “if your last name is Mohamed, don’t even think about showing aptitude for electronics.”

Naturally, this exploded into a PR disaster. Few people would be willing to stand up for what the police did.


Enter Andrea Tantaros and the crew at Fox News.

Tantaros defended the police decision to arrest Mohamed during Thursday’s Outnumbered, saying:

This story is really — I mean it has everyone I think scratching their heads. This clock — does anyone think that it did not look like a dangerous weapon out of a Die Hard movie?

The problem here is that real bombs rarely look and work like they do in Hollywood. Real life isn’t a movie. Conservatives, however, have a hard time telling the difference — see: their gun fetish.

Tantaros even said that inviting Mohamed to the White House could somehow hurt national security:

What the president did, Sandra, by elevating this story to national attention, is he basically got rid of ‘if you see something, say something, The teacher did her job. We have an FBI document out there right now that talks about what to look for. Okay? This is part of it and we’ve seen terror attacks before. We’ve seen them use cell phones and innate objects.

And look, Ahmed is a smart kid. He’s probably going to go to MIT and make a ton of money, but he did a really dumb thing and brought it to school and the president just elevated this to a national issue that doesn’t deserve elevating frankly.

The teacher didn’t do her job. According to ABC, Mohamed said of the teacher:

“She said, ‘Well it looks like a bomb. Don’t show it to anyone else . . . And she decides to take it from me.”

So she knew it wasn’t a bomb. But since his last name is Mohamed, he’s fair game. And Tantaros apparently agrees. Fortunately, he won’t be facing any charges.

Watch the video below:

Feature image via screen shot via Crooks and Liars

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