Fox Bigots Spin Charleston Hate Crime Into ‘Christian Persecution’ — Want Churches Armed (VIDEO)

While the rest of the country mourned the loss of nine people to a senseless act of violence Thursday morning, Fox News was busy trying to spin it into something the right-wing could use to their advantage. As usual, Fox came up with a complete fallacy with the story that what happened in Charleston Wednesday night wasn’t a hate crime, it was “Christian persecution.”

Fox found a black pastor from Virginia who seemed ever so eager to promote their rhetoric, claiming that churches were under siege and needed to be armed.

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Yes, you heard that correctly. Christian churches are under siege, and much like our elementary schools, should be armed and ready to defend themselves.

Steve Doocy said, “I find it extraordinary that people would call this a hate crime.”

The pastor, Bishop E.W. Jackson of the Call Church. in Richmond, said we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about race. This man went into a church and not a bar or a basketball court.

Well that settles that. Had he gone to a bar or basketball court he would have clearly been looking for black people.

It was revealed within hours of this idiocy that the shooter, now identified as Dylann Storm Roof, did in fact go to the church to kill black people, not to persecute Christians. As he fired his weapon he was begged to stop. He said, “I’m sorry, you have to go. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country.”

Dylann Storm Roof is the epitome of right-wing nut jobs, and it’s almost as if Fox was building an early defense for him.

Watch the ridiculous coverage of the Charleston shooting presented by Fox News:

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